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Music Monday celebrates Ella Fitzgerald

Born April 25, 1917, Ella Fitzgerald, often referred to as the First Lady of Song would’ve turned 100 this year.

To this day, there is no other singer I’ve heard with a voice as pristine as hers.

In this version of Bobby Darin’s classic, she forgets the lyrics and improvises the entire verse. And she scats like no one’s business!

If this song does not put a swing in your step, nothing will.

Smile and have a great week. 😀

~ eden


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Musical Mondays – Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

As I stated in my June highlights, I’m featuring the same song each Monday this month. What is that song? “Summertime,” of course! It was a tune composed by George Gershwin for the 1935 opera Porgy and Bess.

First up, the incredible duo of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, two of the most amazing jazz artists who have ever lived. My heart melts a little each time I hear them sing, and listening to their version of this song certainly raises the heat as summer approaches.

Enjoy and stay sexy,



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