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Music Monday remembers Gregg Allman

It’s the sad reality that musicians I grew up with and admire will pass away.

This past week, Gregg Allman died at the age of 69. I featured his brother Duane Allman previously.

Gregg and Duane (who died in 1971) formed the Allman Brothers Band and was its lead singer and keyboard player.

Gregg Allman wrote “Whipping Post,” which first appeared on the band’s 1969 debut album. Here is a performance of it from the 2013 Crossroads Festival.

Rest in peace, Gregg Allman.

~ eden



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Music Monday and Robert Johnson

Last week, I blogged about Janis Joplin who passed away at age 27.

Now, I’ll take you way back to another legendary figure who died at this tender age. Robert Johnson was an American blues singer who played mostly on street corners and juke joints. He enjoyed little commercial success or public recognition in his lifetime. It was only after his death that his work reached a wider audience. Many artists, including Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, and Fleetwood Mac cited Johnson as a huge influencer on their music.

I am the proud owner of his double-disc box set called The Complete Recordings—a great buy if you want to listen to more of this important blues singer and guitarist.

Here is “Cross Road Blues,” a song later popularized as “Crossroads” by Eric Clapton with Cream.

Robert Johnson died August 16, 1938, almost 77 years ago.


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Eric Clapton and @twdittmer’s THE VALLEY WALKER kick off the week!

Sometime ago, one of the sweetest and most supportive authors I’ve met, Tim Dittmer wrote a book – The Valley Walker. I read it, loved it, reviewed it, and then he took it off the shelves to improve upon it. Well …The Valley Walker is BACK!

The Valley Walker

Buy from Amazon: US | UK | Canada | Other regions

And to celebrate its re-release, Tim is offering it FREE ALL WEEK starting tomorrow until Saturday – Sept 16 – 20! You must get it! It’s a terrific read and this is an incredible deal.

Since it’s Monday and I usually do a music post, I’m proud to feature Tim’s book along with his favorite musician. You see, I learned all kinds of fun things when I interviewed Tim last year.

I hope you like this song, Tim. 😀

Readers, listen to Eric Clapton (with a couple of other greats) and remember to BUY Tim’s book regularly at $2.99 or FREE for the rest of the week.  Don’t you love it when I deliver good news on a Monday?





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