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Eden’s Exchange talks to musical artist Voyce* (@voyceproduction)

It’s always a pleasure when serendipity plays a role in connecting me to incredible people. Not long ago, I made a comment on Facebook in response to a certain … umm … presidential candidate. My comment was something like “Wow, that’s crazy!” accompanied by a cartoon face that expressed the sentiment.

Little did I know I posted that comment on the wrong thread. It landed on a post about musician and songwriter Voyce*, whom Casey Ryan, creator of the popular podcast, The Cutting Room Floor was promoting. When Casey sent me a note about it, I was absolutely mortified and apologized profusely!

I’ve interviewed Casey, and he’s had me on his podcast several times. We are friends, so fortunately, he didn’t take my comment out of context. Instead, he introduced me to Voyce* and said I should get to know him. As an avid music fan who blogs about music weekly, I was more than happy to talk to Voyce*.

Thank you so much for the introduction, Casey!

Let me say that Voyce* is every bit as charming as he sounds. Please learn more about this very talented man, his music, and why the moon holds special meaning for him.

* * * *

voyce*2Voyce*, welcome to Eden’s Exchange. It was difficult to choose just a few pictures of you since you are so photogenic in each one! Tell us how you came to be known as Voyce*, and why you use the asterisk after your name.

Sure, so about the *. Initially my artist name was just Voyce. But I soon learned that another Artist in Toronto was using the same name. Initially I thought about changing the name altogether but it just embodied everything that I am so I couldn’t let the name go. I decided to add the * after my name much like *NSYNC had done years before after they faced a name dispute. But the * is more than just a symbol, I like to refer to it as “The Silent Star”. It embodies what my music is to me, my guide, much like the Sun guides our lives.

That is a powerful symbol indeed. How would your best friend describe you in 20 words or less?

I actually have 2 best friends, Sookz and Jess Abran. They are both amazingly talented musicians that I regularly collaborate with. More than friends, they are family to me, not just because we share a common love for music but because we understand each other, and we do so without judgment. But back to the question… How would they describe me? They’d probably say that I’m an emotional mess and extremely dramatic lol.

Most artists I know are a tad dramatic, and it’s not a bad thing! Where do you call home and what do you love and hate about it?

I live in Montreal, Canada. Montreal is a multicultural city, filled with people from all parts of the world with different beliefs, traditions and ideologies and because of this it is rich in art. That’s what I love about Montreal, and it is especially beautiful in the spring and summer, heck even the fall. But then there’s the winter. Montreal winters are brutal, terribly brutal and that would be what I hate about it.

voyce3*I grew up in Montreal and get cold just thinking about the winters! If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

My completely illogical fear of spiders, urghhhhhh. I mean do they really need to have 8 legs? No, but in all seriousness, there was a time when I was insecure about myself, and I would have jumped at any chance to not just change myself but be someone new altogether. But in time I’ve grown to understand myself more and see that that desire for change came because I didn’t love who I was, not necessarily on the outside, but on the inside. So would I change anything about myself now? Yes, but not because I don’t love that part of me but because I want to improve on it. As an example, tattoos have become a part of my lifestyle. When I get a new tattoo I’m changing myself but I’m doing so to better reflect who I actually am, so my body can reflect my mind.

I like spiders 😉 and that’s a great answer regarding your tattoos. I don’t have any, but I can relate to how they represent who you are. Do you have a motto you live by?

I have my motto tattooed on my chest “Born on the Moon, Raised on Mars, Stuck on Earth, Reaching for the Stars”.

alone in a crowd album

Alone in a Crowd: Angels | Demons is available on iTunes

Beautiful. 🙂 Let’s talk about you as the musician.  Where do you draw your inspiration from?

My music is a reflection of my life, the life I’ve led, the life I am leading and the life that I believe I’ll lead. In my music I am simply telling my story and in doing so sharing that story with the world. In my life I’ve experienced pain and sorrow and in sharing this part of me, others can find peace in knowing that they are not alone, that like them I’ve been where they may be standing now.

I love your introspection and how you channel that into your music. What is the best advice you’ve received as a musician?

The best advice I’ve received as a musician came to me not necessarily from any one person but as an indirect response to my music from listeners. And I believe that advice applies to all facades of life. The first time someone wrote me to tell me that my music helped them survive their hardships it made me realize that by being honest about my world in my art I was connecting with others, I was helping others. And so indirectly a message was passed on to me, to always remain honest and true.

That’s a wonderful testament to how you connect with your listeners. Name one of your favorite musicians.

When I was a kid, my mum was obsessed with Michael Jackson. So naturally I was exposed to his music. I was fascinated with how he could convey his emotions through his art and how those emotions then affected those that listened to him. It was beautiful and it made me want to do the same thing, to touch the world through music.

How do you market yourself and your music?

In today’s world social media allows artists to not just advertise themselves but also have closer connections to their fans. As a musician you are able to show the world who you really are and that to me is extremely important. It forms the basis of how I market myself. On my Instagram profile for example, I don’t just post about my music. I talk my love for videogames, tattoos, coffee and absolute fear of spiders. I do so because it makes me real, it makes me approachable, and not just an icon that people look up to but can never “touch”.

hidden in plain sight album

Hidden in Plain Sight: King of the Sand Castle is available on iTunes

It is becoming more and more important to be accessible to fans, and you seem to do it very well. How would you define your style of music?

At surface level it’s easy to simply say I make R&B music and call it a day. But that would be a disservice to my craft. Honestly I just make emotional music and I’ll use whichever genre to best convey my feelings. It could be R&B, Soul, Rap, Acoustic Rock, truthfully it doesn’t matter. I’m just making music.

I agree. It’s less important to categorize the music when it touches someone at their core. As for crafting your songs, is it important for you to know the title of a song before you write it?

Most of the time I don’t even know what the song is about until I’m about half way done. For me only one thing is clear right off the bat, the emotion that I am transferring. Everything else just falls into place, almost as if I fall into a creative trance. Music is an emotional response that is triggered by a need for release.

lords of gemini album

Lords of Gemini: Somewhere Between Worlds is available on iTunes

That’s a wonderful explanation. Can you tell us about your latest CD?

This is always an interesting question to answer because of the very nature of the release. On October 20th 2015 I released my debut album ‘Alone in a Crowd: Angels | Demons’. On December 15th 2015 I released its pseudo sequel ‘Hidden in Plain Sight: King of the Sand Castle’. Unlike the first project which was self-produced, this one was produced by Montreal-based producer Sookz. On April 1st 2016 I released the sequel to both albums namely ‘Lords of Gemini: Somewhere between Worlds’. This project was produced collaboratively by Sookz and myself. And now you’re probably saying, why on earth would you release 3 albums in such a short amount of time? Short answer would be: I’m crazy. Long answer is as follows: The 3 projects are all part of one giant story, a story that began in 2010 when my mum passed away. In that time my mind became fractured and I was split between the part of me that was healing and the part of me that needed to tell his story. Stephen (my real name) was hurting but Voyce* needed the world to know that pain. AiaC is Stephen’s story while HiPS is Voyce*’s. LoG brings both sides of me back together as one and marks the end of that journey and the beginning of what’s to come.

I love the history behind your album. Why do you think people should buy it?

I’ve coined the 3 projects as ‘The Voyce* Trilogy’. In many ways each part of the story is one book in the collection. In them I am simply telling my story and I think people will connect with the raw emotion behind them and draw parallels to their lives. I think people will see themselves in my words and that will connect us to each other.

How long did it take for you to put it together?

As a whole this has been a story 6 years in the making. It’s a story that began with the passing of my mum. It’s a story about finding ones way out of darkness. It’s a reflection of my mind and hence a reflection of the human condition.

What an incredible way to honour your mother. What is next for you?

This year alone I’ve had music released by Warner and eOne Music. The close of the Voyce* trilogy has set me free from the shackles of my past, allowing me to set my mum free and hence set myself free. In many ways it marks the death of Voyce* figuratively, in the sense that he can now be reborn as something new. I am already working on a new project, a collaborative one with Jess Abran. Everything else is a book I haven’t written yet.

So well said. Let’s finish the interview with a fun lightning round!

Aside from people/pets, what is the ONE item you would save if your house was on fire? My hard drive with all my music or wait maybe my videogames…

Favorite place you’ve traveled to or would like to travel to? The Moon, as you may have noticed I am obsessed with space.

Name a food you can eat everyday. Popcorn, but without butter.

Salty or sweet? Salty.

Coffee or tea or something else? Cofftea.

Cat/dog/other pet? Wolf.

Favorite genre of book to read? Whatever genre ‘Le Petit Prince’ is classified as.

The best gift you’ve ever received? Anything with Batman.

Your most guilty pleasure. Popcorn ha ha.

Favorite season. Fall, because I love how artsy the world looks.

Name something you cannot go a day without. Oxygen.

My sincere thanks again to Casey Ryan for connecting me with Voyce*. Readers, please feel free to comment and ask questions of Voyce*. His media links are below, and he is simply lovely to talk to. You can also preview his music on iTunes, Soundcloud, and via his website.

* * * *

Connect to Voyce*


Website | Instagram

Twitter @voyceproduction | Facebook

SoundcloudYou Tube

“Born on the moon, raised on Mars, stuck on Earth, reaching for the Stars”

With this tattooed on his chest, Voyce* -an award winning Montreal based singer, songwriter and music producer- defines how he lives and more importantly the music he creates, by these words. Winning a prestigious songwriting award, he officially embarked on his journey in 2008. Just two years later, he found himself signed to a Nashville based record label.

His career, mimicking his life, has taken him through peaks and valleys, and led him to collaborate with worldly renowned musicians and achieve national radio play.

Well respected in the music industry, his work has now reached over half a million views on VEVO.

Pain -in one word- he will tell you, is his greatest motivator. Through the valleys of suffering he’s experienced, he is relentless in finding himself, in becoming not only better than he was yesterday, but expanding way beyond who he is today.

Driven by the simple belief that, even through darkness, there will always be hope, ultimately, Voyce*, wants to serve as a catalyst for who we, humanity, through our individual and collective suffering, choose to become.

– Written by Kim Mecca




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Chatting with Casey Ryan of @CuttingRoomMRB

I’ve had the great pleasure of chatting with Casey Ryan in the past, and I had a chance to talk to him once again.

This past Sunday, Nov 16, 2014, I did a half hour show with Casey. If you want to hear the replay, hit the graphic of Talkshoe below.

The very funny cartoonist Keith Brown, creator of The Wages of Sin follows my interview.

talkshoe show

Don’t forget to connect to Casey via his blog and on Twitter @cuttingroommrb. He’s a wonderful advocate for all indies!

The Cutting Room Floor w/ Casey Ryan

The Cutting Room Floor w/ Casey Ryan



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Chatting with Casey Ryan of @CuttingRoomMRB on @TheMixxRadio

I’ve had the great pleasure of chatting with AND meeting Casey Ryan in the past, and I will have a chance to talk to him once again.

Join us Sunday, Sept 7, 2014. I’ll be on his show THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR at 2:30 PM EST. This time, he’ll be broadcasting from The Mixx Radio.


Here is how you can tune in:

~ Listen to my interview via a Live stream.

~ Join the Chat room on The Mixx Talk.

Recordings and replays of the show will be posted on Talkshoe if you miss it or are unable to listen to it live.

Don’t forget to connect to Casey via his blog and on Twitter @cuttingroommrb. He’s a wonderful advocate for all indies!

The Cutting Room Floor w/ Casey Ryan

The Cutting Room Floor w/ Casey Ryan

I look forward to speaking with Casey again, and I hope you’ll  join us.




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HIS and HER Gifts for Valentine’s Day – My guest blog for @CuttingRoomMRB

The wonderful Casey Ryan, whom I interviewed last October invited me to write a guest blog. I’ve been on his podcast twice and think the world of him, so I could not turn him down!

It’s a funny post about the upcoming holiday of love, so hop over and enjoy!

Read: HIS and HER Gifts for Valentine’s Day

* * * *

Connect with Casey

Twitter @cuttingroommrb | The Cutting Room Floor Podcast | Blog

Casey Ryan is the creator and host of the Cutting Room Floor talk-radio podcast and blog. For the past 4 years, the Cutting Room Floor has sought to highlight the works of independent entertainers of all types. A self proclaimed pop-culture addict, Casey is always trying to read up on the latest entertainment news stories. His film education consists of a lifetime of watching and studying movies. He holds a BA in Industrial Relations and Economics as well as a diploma in Sciences. For the past 10 years he has enjoyed a prolific career in corporate sales – often using his skills to help his guests market their work on air.
* * * *

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Inside the Mind of @MovieAngel ~ Marcella Selbach

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Inside the Mind of Casey Ryan (@Cuttingroommrb)

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Chatting with Casey Ryan of @CuttingRoomMRB ~ Part 2

I had the great pleasure of meeting Casey over a year ago and was interviewed by him July 2011. Time flies!

Sunday, August 26th, I’ll be on his show THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR, once again, at 12 PM EST.

Casey is someone I’ve grown very fond of. He has wonderful guests on his show—filmmakers, artists, authors and is a terrific and generous promoter of indies.

In recent months, he also started his blog. His writing is stellar, which only makes me more proud to have him review my latest book, Spring into Summer.

Read Casey’s review

It was great to meet Casey when he attended my book signing, and I’d encourage anyone who wants exposure for their projects—big or small to connect to him.

You’d be hard pressed to find a stronger advocate for the indie community.

Connect to Casey via his blog, on  Twitter @cuttingroommrb, and on his podcast

I look forward to speaking with Casey again, and I hope you’ll  join us,


Listen to the show here


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Montreal Book Signing, Remembrance, and Thanks

I’m on a train headed back to Toronto as I write this.

I had my book signing in Montreal a couple of days ago.  The next day, I paid respects to my  father and his father at Mount Royal Cemetery.

My grandfather was a carpenter who inspired strength of body and mind. He taught me to wield a hammer and use power tools before the age of ten. It didn’t matter that I was a girl. My dad taught me many things, and one of the most important: humility—a quality I hold close to my heart.

They helped shape the woman I am today, and it’s a sad reminder they are gone when I can no longer share the milestones of my life with them.

One man, however, who is not gone is Mr. Joe Hackett, aka Jersey Joe, aka Tyrunn. He was my high school teacher for whom I wrote my first erotic story. Joe came to my book signing with a copy of Fall into Winter in hand—and his written critique in the margins. He even graded each of my stories! I have great respect for Joe’s opinion both as a teacher and a man, and I couldn’t have wished for a better response from him. Thank you, Mr. Hackett, (one of these days you’ll just be “Joe”) for always being you. Even when I was fifteen, I knew you were special.

Big thanks to Marie-Claire and Bernard for opening your store and hearts to me. Visit Odyssey Books the next time you’re in Montréal—it’s a true landmark.

Merci à Isabelle Maher  for your article about me in Le Journal de Montréal, and my friend, Mike Strobel of the Toronto Sun for making the introduction.  Also, my gratitude to Hotel Gault and its staff. I have stayed in many places in Montréal, but this was by far, the best service I’ve ever encountered. It’s a lovely home away from home.  

I was thrilled that Casey Ryan was able to come to my signing. He’s the talented podcaster behind The Cutting Room Floor who interviewed me back in July. So great to finally meet you!

To my friends—old and new, your presence meant the world to me. And last, but not least, a special hug to my mother who came and bought a copy of my book.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Approx. 40 photos courtesy of John B.

Find a video of the event here.


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Chatting with Casey Ryan of the “Cutting Room Floor”

Tomorrow, July 10th, I’ll be on a talk radio podcast at 12 PM EST called the CUTTING ROOM FLOOR.

The show is hosted by CASEY RYAN, a Montreal native (Yay, my hometown!) whom I was fortunate to connect with after he interviewed author friend, Jason McIntyre. You can listen to Jason’s interview HERE from May 21, 2011.

Although The Cutting Room Floor has built its reputation on interviewing filmmakers and entertainers, Casey is definitely branching out to the indie author community, which is very fortunate for authors indeed!

Casey considers himself a pop-culture addict, and his enthusiasm and knowledge come across in his interviews. He’s extremely diligent and generous with his guests.

Casey was recently interviewed himself by independent blogger, John Hoff III and at The Farthest Reaches. You can also find him on Twitter.  Learn more about this fascinating man behind the show.

I look forward to speaking with Casey about my book, Fall into Winter, and I hope you’ll be able to join us. Feel free to ask questions. 😉

Stay sexy,


Access the show here.


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