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Pre-order SWEET PEASE by @CameronGarriepy #newrelease

Author Cameron Garriepy, a friend and diverse author of romance, short fiction, and a regular contributor to the Word Count Podcast has a new book coming out!

Sweet Pease sounds delicious and is on sale for a limited time. In addition to a special pre-order price, you can also win a Kindle hosted by Love Kissed, which is sponsoring Cameron’s book along with many others. Enter by hitting the graphic above.

And now, let’s learn more about Sweet Pease!

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Pre-order SWEET PEASE now!

Find all Cameron’s books at:

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA

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Kate Pease has everything under control–her bakery’s expansion, her best friend’s wedding, and her carefully guarded heart–until Thornton College’s new novelist-in-residence maligns her scones in a student newspaper. Never one to back down from a challenge, Kate confronts him, only to discover he’s more dreamy academic than snarky stranger. Living in a postcard town, Kate knows better than to fall for an appealing tourist, but there’s nothing wrong with a fling.

Ewan Lovatt is in Thornton, Vermont for a semester to teach–and to research the Damselfly Inn’s past for a new project. His agent wants pages, but it’s not the historical house that inspires him. Tangling with the town sweetheart tempts Ewan with an undeniable attraction and a compelling new character. Suddenly his vision for the future and his agent’s big dreams for his career are at odds.

Somewhere between winter and spring, these two fiercely independent souls find magic together, but Kate offered her love to the wrong man once before. She’s not inclined to risk it again–especially on one who’s not staying in Thornton.

The second novel in the Thornton, Vermont trilogy, Sweet Pease revisits the town—and the characters—readers fell in love with in Damselfly Inn.

* * * *

Connect to Cameron

Blog | Facebook | Amazon | Twitter @CameronGarriepy

An Aries, a self-described shenaniganist, and an unabashed romantic, Cameron writes romantic fiction and genre-crossing short stories from the metro-Boston area, where she lives with her husband, son, and a poorly behaved pug.

In the eighth grade, she wrote her first romance novel on an antique typewriter, using a stack of pink paper. Detours between that draft and publishing her first novel included a BA in Music from Middlebury College, a professional culinary education, and twelve years in the child-wrangling industry.

Cameron’s adventures in flash fiction can be found on her blog. Formerly, she was an editor at Write on Edge, and she is the founder of and senior editor at Bannerwing Books.




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Pre-order DAMSELFLY INN by @CameronGarriepy #newrelease on April 13th

The month of April sees the release of a book by one of my favorite authors—Cameron Garriepy. Her newest is the long-awaited Damselfly Inn: A Thornton Vermont Novel which comes out April 13th.

I’m writing this blog early to give you time to pick it up, now available by pre-order! 

Please learn more about Cameron’s upcoming novel. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one!

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damselfly inn

Amazon e-book | Personalized Paperbacks

Add Damselfly Inn to your Goodreads shelves

Check out Cameron’s upcoming public appearances

Subscribe to Cameron’s newsletter for special deals before April 13th!

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(Novel, Contemporary Romance/Women’s Fiction) The picturesque college town of Thornton, Vermont is the perfect place to open an inn. Or so Nan Grady thinks until a late summer storm drops a tree branch through her roof and local contractor Joss Fuller into her path.

Romance has been the last thing on her career-oriented mind, but Nan can’t deny the attraction between them. Nor can she deny the history between Joss and her most important guest: a sophisticated Manhattan academic.

And then there is the mysterious vandal targeting her home and livelihood.

As summer fades to autumn and Joss becomes a fixture around the Damselfly Inn, Nan navigates the joys and complications of life in her new home town. But when the vandalism becomes increasingly upsetting, threatening Nan and her guests, as well as her budding relationship with Joss, Nan questions her place in the town, at the inn, and in Joss’s heart.

Connect to Cameron

cameron garriepy 2015

Website | Facebook | Amazon author page 

Twitter @CameronGarriepy | Goodreads | Google +

An Aries, a self-described shenaniganist, and an unabashed romantic, Caqmeron writes romantic fiction and genre-crossing short stories from the metro-Boston area, where she lives with her husband, son, and a poorly behaved pug.In the eighth grade, she wrote her first romance novel on an antique typewriter, using a stack of pink paper. Detours between that draft and publishing her first novel included a BA in Music from Middlebury College, a professional culinary education, and twelve years in the child-wrangling industry.Cameron’s adventures in flash fiction can be found on her blog. Formerly, I have been an editor at Write on Edge, and I am the founder of and senior editor at Bannerwing Books.

 Cameron was originally interviewed here March 15, 2013.



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An interview for Stranger at Sunset by @CameronGarriepy

I was honoured to be interviewed by a fellow writer for whom I have tremendous respect. Cameron Garriepy has been interviewed on my blog, and I am a huge fan of her work. I will highlight one of her upcoming releases shortly.

Hop over to Cameron’s website where she asked me some pointed questions about Stranger at Sunset.

Happy Thursday, everyone!



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Learn About my Writing Process

Happy Monday! My regular Music Monday post has been replaced by this blog meme and will return next week. “My Writing Process” is a blog tour which takes place every Monday. Here, you will discover an individual author’s writing process based on four simple questions.

I was invited by author Raymond Bolton, who posted his writing process last Monday. I’ve featured Raymond on my blog previously when he released his novel, Awakening.

Below are the questions and my answers:

What am I working on?
My very first novel. Wheee! I’ve written and published anthologies, novellas, short stories, and flash fiction up until now, so this full-length novel has been a real challenge. It’s also a different genre from what I primarily wrote in. I’m moving from erotica to mystery.

Double whammy, but hey, I love a challenge, or maybe I’m just mad.

steven saylor quote

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I’ll be honest. I hate this question. As a writer who’s penned erotica, romance, thrillers, I’m all about the storytelling and I could give a rat’s ass about genre. Genre is an old dividing line for readers, with some stories categorized as plot-driven and others as character-driven. Mysteries are normally classified as plot-driven, along with thrillers, fantasy, science fiction, and romance. There’s a lot of judgment in this type of categorization, with the assumption that character-driven stories are more “literary,” and plot-driven “genre” stories are entertaining but not well written.

To this, I say, Bullocks! And I’m not even British.

mysteryIt’s ridiculous to pit one against the other, and that’s why the argument of genre becomes tiresome for me.

I don’t write to fit my work into a genre. I’ve classified my upcoming book as a psychological mystery because there are complex characters and interplay between them. There is also a plot that moves them forward. There is no detective, but there is suspense. The end product has both conflict and growth. Whether you love the “Whodunnit” mystery or prefer the psychological interaction between characters, I think you’ll enjoy my book.

Why do I write what I do?

I’m not crazy about this question either (I’m beginning to wonder why I’m on this tour 😉 ). The best answer I can come up with is my writing is fuelled by interests outside of writing. Some of these things are: the human psyche; foreign destinations; music; culture; current events; travel; life and death; love; sex; life in general. Until now, I’ve written erotica because I had the stories, and I liked telling them. Sex is a provocative and universal subject.

Now, I have another story to tell. It’s not erotic. It’s mysterious. Can you tell I really don’t like being labeled?

How does my writing process work?

In previous interviews, I’ve said I don’t deconstruct my writing, and that’s the god’s honest truth, but there are a few things I do regularly which steep me in the discipline.

Writing everyday is important. Reading is important. Right now, I’m on a word count schedule because it’s important to know I’ve reached milestones in my book, but that’s as strict as I get. The internal pressure to finish my book is great, but I also know myself. As a full time writer, I can easily become obsessive and self-absorbed if I don’t have a balance in my life. For this reason, I pursue external endeavours that have little to do with writing. 

One last tidbit, though I consider writing a serious business (and it should be if you want to earn a living from it), it needs to be fun. Here’s a piece of writing humour you might enjoy.

ImportantWritingTips humor

Next week, you can discover the writing process of three more authors. Visit their sites and see how amazing they are, then you’ll know why I chose them for this tour. I’ve included their Twitter handles too, so you can follow them now.

They will each post on Monday, February 24th to their individual sites, so watch for them!

Annetta Ribken ~ A professional editor of over ninety novels, Annetta Ribken has also been writing since a tender young age, when letters were chiseled on stone tablets, and is currently living and working just outside St. Louis with her evil feline overlord, a rescued shelter cat named Athena. Twitter: @netta50

Cameron Garriepy ~ Romance novelist, genre-crossing short story author and indie publisher. Twitter: @camerongarriepy

Victoria Dougherty ~ She comes from the ultimate Cold War family – daring escapes, backyard firing squads, Communist snitches, bowlfuls of goulash, gargoyles, spies, killers and dangerous pursuits, all part of her recent family history and explain why she writes Cold War thrillers. Twitter: @vicdougherty

My sincere thanks again to Ray for inviting me on this tour.


* * * *


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Get Inside the Mind of Author @CameronGarriepy

There are some people who are tremendously talented writers. They not only understand the mechanics of writing but are also excellent storytellers. Cameron is one of these people.

Continue reading


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Part 1 of The Candlestick Killer for THE STORY CIRCLE via @camerongarriepy

Cameron D. Garriepy

The lovely author, Cameron Garriepy invited me to write for The Story Circle on her blog.

It’s a segment where one writer starts a short story, then passes it along to another author—a relay race of writers, if you will.

For the month of February, there will be four episodes by four different writers, each chosen by the person before them. The episodes post on consecutive Mondays and will conclude Feb. 25th.

I’m kicking it off, and I’m excited to read how different authors will move a story along.

Enjoy the start of: The Candlestick Killer.


Connect to Cameron

author, blogger, Buck's Landing, romance novel

Blog | Facebook | Amazon | Twitter @CameronGarriepy



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NEW RELEASE – Buck’s Landing by @CameronGarriepy

I first met Cameron earlier this year after reading her work on Write on Edge, where she is the managing editor. She has been a strong advocate for my writing, and I’m more than happy to support her with her newest book, Buck’s Landing.

Please give a warm welcome to Cameron Garriepy.

* * * *

Many thanks to Eden for sharing her space with me today. She’s such a gracious hostess.

Cameron D Garriepy, New England, romance, novel, Hampton Beach

Amazon e-book | Personalized Paperbacks

COMING SOON IN PRINT via Amazon and CreateSpace

* * * *

In Cameron’s own words …

Buck’s Landing is my first full length novel and my first romance, and I’m thrilled to send it out into the world. I’ve been reading romance since I was way too young, and I’ve always said I wanted to write one of my own. One of the things I strive for in romance is relatable characters. I hope my readers will connect with my characters because they’re likable, fallible, tender, volatile, sometimes colossally stupid, but ultimately people in love reaching for the soul that fulfills them.

New England has always been my home, so it was a natural choice to set my first novel in the region. Sofia and Silas’s Hampton Beach is a real place, a vibrant community that I’ve worked hard to capture on my pages. Sofia is the reluctant owner a mini-golf course on the boardwalk, Silas the neighbor who’s under her skin.

Read an excerpt

The dinner hours were sometimes slow, so Sofia settled into her seat, picking up the novel her assistant manager had been reading in her down time. It was about twenty years old, with a tall, dark, chiseled hero on the cover, and the title in gilded lettering. At the end of two hours, she was a good way through it.

“I wouldn’t have pegged you for a reader of bodice-rippers.” Silas was leaning on the chain link gate that separated the course from the sidewalk on that side. She was unreasonably glad to see him.

“I thought you had a date.” She hoped her reply sounded flip.

His eyes twinkled. “I did. Steamers and lobster down at the pound with my sister and my nephew.” He waved through to Charlotte, who’d seen him from her position at the snack bar window.

Sofia set the book down, bending its broken spine. “Do you flirt with everyone on the strip?”

Silas laughed, crossing to the cashier’s window and leaning in. “Just the pretty girls.”

“I’m sure.” She sat up a little straighter. “Are you going to make a habit of hanging out at my gate?”

“Maybe. I have another date tomorrow night,” he said with a sly grin.

“Oh?” She didn’t want to hear about it.

“I’m taking her to Blink’s for fried dough, and then I’m going to kick her ass at Skeeball down at the Funarama,” he said, dropping his voice to a conspiratorial whisper. “But just so she doesn’t get mad at me, I’m going to win her a giant stuffed panda at the ring toss.”

“You seem awfully sure of yourself,” she countered.

“Oh, I am.” He straightened, but reached out to push a stray lock of hair, gone curly in the humidity, from her cheek. “I’ll pick you up at ten-fifteen, after the course closes.”

He was gone before she even had a chance to reply.

About Buck’s Landing

Sofia Buck escaped Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, ten years ago with no intention of returning, but her father’s untimely death forces her to come back for the summer to deal with Buck’s Landing, the family business he left behind. Sofia has one goal, to keep the business running until it’s sold. What she doesn’t count on is falling in love.

Silas Wilde walked away from an unsatisfying legal career in Manhattan. Relying on instinct and serendipity, he finds himself running a seaside market and gift shop on Hampton Beach’s Ocean Boulevard. He’s content in his new life and livelihood, until a chance encounter with his new next-door neighbor awakens him to the one thing he’s missing. Her.

Threatened by Sofia and Silas’s very different dreams, can their love survive the summer’s end?

* * * *

Thanks Cameron for sharing about Buck’s Landing.

Readers, please leave a comment for this stellar writer and congratulate her on her new release!

Connect to Cameron

author, blogger, Buck's Landing, romance novel

Blog | Facebook | Amazon | Twitter @CameronGarriepy

Self-described shenaniganist and unabashed romantic, Cameron wrote her first romance novel on an antique typewriter, using a stack of pink paper. Detours between that draft and her publishing goals have included a BA in Music, a professional culinary education, and twelve years in the child-wrangling industry.

Cameron writes from the Metro Boston area, where she lives with her husband, son, and two poorly behaved dogs. In addition to writing fiction, she is a managing editor at www.writeonedge.com.


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Sexy Summer Giveaway and a Sizzling Interview

The gracious and generous author, Cameron D. Garriepy is hosting a giveaway of TWO copies of my book.

Hop over and find out how you can win in the Summer is Sexy: Spring into Summer Giveaway! 

The giveaway is on for a week, so share with everyone you know!

* * * *

Author Solitaire Parke interviewed me on his excellent blog and asked some very interesting questions.

If you’d like to know the answers, read my author spotlight in Sizzlin’ Summer Reading with Eden Baylee.

* * * *

Connect with Cameron and Solitaire—they’re terrific people for your Twitter stream.

Cameron Garriepy  @camerongarriepy

Solitaire Parke @solitaireparke

* * * *

Buy from Amazon.com and Amazon.UK

No Kindle? No Worries.

There is a Kindle App for just about any electronic device (Click here to get one). If you own a computer, smart phone, iPad, or iPod touch, then you are able to download my e-books.


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