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Music Monday heats up with Joni Mitchell

Most weeks, I’m able to come up with my Music Monday choice by Sunday, but last night I drew a blank … until this morning.

This is a song I’ve posted before, though the video is one I just found.

Beautiful lyrics, poetry, and the haunting voice of Joni Mitchell deserves a replay.

Enjoy it again, and have a wonderful week,




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Musical Mondays – Joni Mitchell

I love artists with staying power, and this Fabulous Femme singer /songwriter certainly has that. The ethereal Joni Mitchell inspires through her lyrics, her music, and her paintings.

For anyone who has ever loved  and lost, or had their hearts broken, here are the painfully poetic and sensual words of one of my favorite Joni Mitchell songs. Listen to “A Case of You.”

Stay sexy,





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