Oct. 2013

Oh October, how quickly you rolled around.

Good-bye summer, hello fall. I’ve already worn my hat, gloves, and scarf. No, it’s not that cold, but I feel the cold acutely.

Since I’m still taking lessons for the instrument, Music Mondays will be all about harmonica. Hope you’ve enjoyed the wonderful musicians featured so far.

Exciting news!

allegories of the tarot cover

October 31st will see the release of Allegories of the Tarot, the anthology of 22 stories by 22 writers, and I’m one of them! Stay tuned for information on this throughout the month.

I wish you all a wonderful October,



October Highlights

Oct 7 – Harmonica Mondays – David Bowie

Oct 8 – Read Allegories of the Tarot before its Oct 31st release date

Oct 10 – Celebrating the 2-year anniversary of Family Magic by Patti Larsen

Oct 11 – Inside the mind of author, Matthew Bryan

Oct 12 – I am interviewed by author, Matt Posner

Oct 14 – Harmonica Mondays – Bob Dylan

Oct 16 – Coming Oct. 31st! Get ready for Allegories of the Tarot!

Oct 18 – Interview with copy editor and writer, Jennifer Wingard

Oct 21 – Once Upon a Time in the West – music by Ennio Morricone

Oct 25 – Interview with Anne Chaconas of Badass Marketing

Oct 28 – Harmonica Mondays – Billy Joel

Oct 31 – Release of Allegories of the Tarot sponsored by Badass Marketing



All comments are appreciated.

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