Oct. 2011

It’s News to Me, Baby

October is here, and there’s a lot of new stuff going on. It’s officially fall and cold (not too happy about that), but I am happy to keep you warm with new stories, books, and music.

Don’t miss the details of some exciting releases this month. I’m particularly thrilled to showcase two books that I’ve had the pleasure to beta-read, and they’ll be released to the public this month. Don’t miss The Collective and The Prodigal’s Foole!


Musical Mondays will have fresh female voices from Scotland, Sweden, England, Wales and the USA. I love discovering and sharing new music, and these women are amazing.

Enjoy October and I hope you discover something new for yourselves.

Update for my second book Spring into Summer – I’ve changed some of the stories and it’s taking a bit longer to complete. I’ll apprise once I confirm an official release date and sincerely appreciate your continued interest. 😉

As always, I’m delighted you dropped by and hope you come back often. 

October Highlights

Oct 3 – Musical Mondays – Amy MacDonald

Oct 4 – I’m interviewed by Kharisma Rhayne for Erotic Diaries 

Oct 7 – Inside the Author’s Mind of Alberta Ross

Oct 10 – I’m interviewed by author, Karen Michelle Nutt

Oct 10 – Musical Mondays – First Aid Kit

Oct 14 – Author Matthew Munson is interviewed

Oct 17 – Musical Mondays – Adele

Oct 17 – My book review of The Collective by Maxwell Cynn

Oct 21 – Author Tim Queeney is interviewed

Oct 24 ­– Musical Mondays – Duffy

Oct 25 – Blogging at my author collective,  BIWP

Oct 26 – Maxwell Cynn guest blogs & introduces The Collective

Oct 26 – Radio interview with Dellani Oakes

Oct 27 – Annetta Ribken introduces her new book, Athena’s Promise

Oct 28 – Author Mark Everett Stone is interviewed

Oct 29 – My book review of The Prodigal’s Foole by R.B. Wood

Oct 30 – R.B. Wood, author of The Prodigal’s Foole is interviewed

Oct 30 – Radio interview with John Rakestraw

Oct 31 – Musical Mondays – Esperanza Spalding   Shivaree