Nov. 2013

November will highlight a month-long promotion for Allegories of the Tarot, the new anthology I’m a part of. It launched Oct 31st, and has been getting great reviews. Check them out here!

I will interview more authors from the anthology as well as speaker, Joe Hefferon, who kindly did a profile on me back in the summer. I’m happy to finally return the favor.

You won’t want to miss any of these creative people. See the schedule below for their appearances.

The adventure film satire,  Awaiting Atwood debuts this month, with Margaret Atwood! I play a junior cop in it, ha! I’ll blog the details Nov. 6th and tell you where you can see it.

I continue to edit my mystery novel (which is behind schedule). I’m happy to report I’m nearing the end, and I don’t mean the zombie apocalypse.

Wishing you all a warm and sunny November,



allegories of the tarot cover

November Highlights

Nov 1 – Inside the mind of author, Jessica McHugh

Nov 4 – Harmonica Mondays with the Pretenders

Nov 5 – Learn about Annetta Ribken, editor of Allegories of the Tarot sponsored by Badass Marketing

Nov 6 – News about my involvement with film, Awaiting Atwood by BAM North Productions

Nov 7 – I’m featured on Red Tash’s site for Allegories of the Tarot

Nov 8 – Find out more about author, J. H. Sked

Nov 11 – “A Pittance of Time” by Terry Kelly for Remembrance Day

Nov 15 – Learn about blossoming author, Timothy Bryant Smith, via Neutrino Dreams

Nov 17 – Drawing for 2 FREE tickets of Awaiting Atwood Toronto screening

Nov 20 – Help Winter in the City achieve its Kickstarter goal via R.B. Wood

Nov 22 – Get inside the mind of author, Meilin Miranda

Nov 25 – Harmonica Mondays with the Paul Butterfield Blues Band

Nov 29 – Welcome author, speaker, and blogger Joe Hefferon



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