May 2014

May is all about editing my current novel. It started last month, and it continues.

I’ve pared back my blog, but I have excellent author interviews as part of my Eden’s Exchange series, so be sure to check the schedule below.

Of course, more may be added as the month progresses. Somehow, that always seems to happen. 😉

Hope this month is sunny and bright for all of you.

spring flowers tulips


Have a lovely May,


May Highlights

May 5 – Music Monday – Bee Gees

May 12 – Book launch of  A Poison Tree by John Dolan

May 14 – My short story “The Final Countdown” for RB Wood’s Podcast

May 16  – Eden’s Exchange with Efrain Nadal De Choudens

May 19 – Music Monday – David Bowie

May 20 – Author promotion for Jay Finn

May 23  – Eden’s Exchange with Angus Vieira

May 26 – Music Monday – TBD

May 30 –  Eden’s Exchange with Anthony McManus



All comments are appreciated.

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