May 2011

May Moves Me in Many Ways

It’s been a long winter, not a particularly cold one, but it has chilled me to the bones nonetheless.  With the arrival of May, I hope I can finally shed my toque and replace my winter gloves with gardening ones. It’s a special month, so I wanted to mix it up a bit with the writers I’m showcasing.  I’ve talked about all four of these authors in past interviews or blogs, and they are very dear to me. Each has moved me in a unique way, so you won’t want to miss them. Two male writers: J. Alexander Greenwood and Maxwell Cynn, and two female writers: Glynis Smy and Josée Renard will warm your hearts with their honesty and sincerity.


Based on feedback from readers, my segment of “Inside the Author’s Mind” has been expanded to include additional questions, so you will get an even deeper insight into the minds of each author.

I’ve added another page to my blog entitled AUDIO – I have moved podcasts and radio interviews to this page.

This month, “Musical Mondays” will feature artists who move me, either lyrically or otherwise. I’ll also be guest blogging, doing interviews, and posting flash fiction.

My second book, Spring into Summer is currently in “edit” mode.  More details to come.

As always, I’m delighted you dropped by and hope you come back often.

May Highlights

May 2 – Musical Mondays – Warren Zevon

May 5 – I guest blog on the site of author, India Drummond

May 6 – Interview with J. Alexander Greenwood, author of Pilate’s Cross

May 9 –  Musical Mondays – Fleetwood Mac

May 10 – Fellow Writers’ Blog Hop

May 11 – I am featured on author Jason McIntyre’s “Behind the Words”

May 13 – Interview with the incredible Maxwell Cynn, sci-fi and erotica author

May 14 – I am interviewed with a panel of guests for the Dr. Susan Block show

May 16 – Musical Mondays – Procol Harum

May 17 – I am interviewed on The Eclectic Artist Cave Radio Show

May 20 – Interview with historical romance writer—the lovely, Glynis Smy

May 23 – Musical Mondays – Steve Earle

May 24 – Guest post by Liz Borino, author of What Money Can’t Buy

May 27 – Interview with romance and erotica author, Josée Renard   

May 30 – Musical Mondays –  Gloria Gaynor