Mar. 2012

How did March roll around so quickly? I’m still in shock.

So … it’s my birthday month. There are too many social things happening, which means I need to squeeze more hours out of the days to work.

My main focus in that regard continues to be Indies Unite for Joshua – a fundraiser to help author, Max Cynn’s son, who has leukemia. We have three months to go, are 40% of target, and moving closer to the $10,000 goal. Hit the cute little widget to donate and find out more.

My book, Spring into Summer, is finally with my editor, well … parts of it are. It’s happening in stages, but I’m happy with the changes. It’s still coming out in spring—yes, this spring … if it kills me. I’m hoping it doesn’t.

I’ll have four author interviews this month. Each is unique, eclectic, inspirational. You’ll love them.

March Musical Mondays is going to rock! I’m feeling upbeat and dangerous, listening to music that makes me want to go ten rounds with someone. Jump in if you want to take me on.

As always, I’m delighted you dropped by,


March Highlights

Mar 5 – Musical Mondays – AC DC

Mar 9 – Interview with suspense author, Russell Blake 

Mar 12 – Musical Mondays – Republica

Mar 13 – I muse on the power of words It’s Only Words … Or is it?

Mar 16 – Interview with Canadian author, Robert Chazz Chute

Mar 17 – Earthly Concerns by Xavier Axelson

Mar 19 – Musical Mondays – Gotan Project

Mar 23 – Author and book reviewer, Maria Savva is interviewed

Mar 26 – Musical Mondays – The Jam

Mar 27 – Blogging at my author collective Black Ink, White Paper

Mar 30 – Interview with the incredibly talented poet, Steven Marty Grant