Mar. 2014

March is my birthday month and it’s always busy. I’m trying my best to manage the blog and finish writing my novel. Cold weather has put my brain in a deep freeze for a while, but one thing that will make it easier is the return to spring. I can’t wait for this winter to be officially over.

bday flowers 2014

Flowers for my birthday

Here’s my unofficial schedule for March. Nothing will be removed, but I’m sure more will be added as the month progresses.

Stay tuned and stay warm. 😉

~ eden

March Highlights

Mar 3 – Music Monday – It’s Probably Me

Mar 8 – Roll-Her Dervish film promotion

Mar 10 – Music Monday – Windmills of your Mind

Mar 11 – I’m Walking the Runway for Dare to Wear Love

Mar 14 – Eden’s Exchange with Joseph DiBartolo

Mar 17 – Music Monday – Always a Woman

Mar 21 – Eden’s Exchange with Raymond Bolton

Mar 24 – Music Monday – You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Mar 26 – New Release by Toby Neal – Shattered Palms

Mar 31 – I Walked the Runway for Dare to Wear Love w/ Pharrell’s “Happy”


All comments are appreciated.

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