June 2014

So May was about editing my novel … and this month?

June is about releasing it! FINALLY!

June 30th is my release date!


I can hardly believe it’s coming together at last.

Thank you to my editor Annetta Ribken who did a terrific job squeezing the life out of me to meet both our high (anal) standards. It’s been a difficult slog. I’m still catching my breath, and I will blog on it this month. Stay tuned for a cover reveal, new website, and lessons learned.

Grandma and meI’m also off to New York City the last week of the month for some rest — I know it’s hard to rest in NY, but it’s a great source of inspiration, especially when I get to see my 92 year-old grandmother who’s in better shape than I am most days.

Doesn’t she look sweet? She was only 90 here. 😉

Watch for two great author interviews I’ve been itching to post for some time – the beautiful Britt Skrabanek on the 13th and the always funny Ned Hickson on the 20th.

Oh, and please subscribe to my mailing list. It’s the best way to learn of up and coming events, news, etc. All ham, no spam.

Hope June is a hot, humid, and sweaty one, and I look forward to sharing the month with you.

~ eden

June Highlights

June 2 – Music Monday – Bradley and the Bouncers

June 3 – Book and author promotion for Angela M. Carter

June 9 – New book reveal

June 13  – Eden’s Exchange with Britt Skrabanek

June 16 – New book post

June 20 – Eden’s Exchange with author Ned Hickson

June 23 – New book post

June 30 –  New book – Release day!



13 responses to “June 2014

  1. Your grandmother looks kind of spunky — and not nearly 90! Must be the New York air 😉


  2. Looking forward to reading this, Eden.


  3. Great news Eden, I’m waiting it.


  4. John Dolan

    Fantastic news!


  5. Congrats on the book release, Eden! Love that shot of you and your grandmother. She looks amazing. Thanks again for the guest opportunity this month.


  6. Gratulations Liebling, I will get the news out there.


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