June 2013

I continue to mainly write this month. My psychological erotic thriller is shaping up, and I’m excited to reveal more when I can.

Thanks to everyone who commented on my posts in May to win a copy of Spring into Summer. It was my pleasure to give away four copies to the winners.

spring into summer

My Monday music choice is Led Zeppelin this month. They have so many great hits, so I’ll pick my favorites to set the mood for the week.

I’ll host some wonderful writers this month— Sheilagh G. Lee, John T. Trigonis, and Christoph Paul.

And … I’m supporting award-winning YA author, Patti Larsen to do something amazing – hit the top of the charts on Amazon and the NYT for her book Family Magic!

See the schedule below as you won’t want to miss any of the fun!

Have a wonderful June,



June Highlights

June 3 – Led Zeppelin – Babe I’m Gonna Leave You

June 4 – I’m interviewed by Indie Author Land

June 7 – Interview with mystery/paranormal author, Sheilagh G. Lee

June 10 – Led Zeppelin – Black Dog

June 11 – In Praise of British Slang – a poem

June 13 – I’m interviewed by FS Local Toronto

June 14 – Interview with poet/author/filmmaker, John T. Trigonis

June 17 – Led Zeppelin – Going to California

June 18 – I’m interviewed by Live from the Morgue

June 19 – Getting Family Magic by Patti Larsen to the TOP!

June 21 – Christoph Paul is interviewed, author of The Passion of the Christoph

June 24 – Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love



All comments are appreciated.

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