July 2014

sas times square 2

June was about getting my book out, and I was in NYC for a week right before the release date. It was a wonderful trip to see family, friends (old and new), and I got these great pictures, courtesy of my fantastic web and graphics designer, JB Graphics. Hire him if you want something original!

SAS times square 1

For the next three months (at least), I’ll be promoting Stranger at Sunset, but for me, self-promotion is never just about ‘self.’ In the process of talking about my book and trying to make sales, you will meet some of the most supportive and talented people I know.

They include authors, friends, and readers I’ve met via the networks. Take note of them because they have so much to offer.

I will also feature two author interviews: C.P. Bialois and John Anstie. It’s going to be a busy month, so stay tuned!

christoph, Loren and me

With acclaimed authors Christoph Paul and Loren Kleinman at the Library Bar, NYC

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Hope July is a HOT one for all of you!

~ eden

* * *

July Highlights

July 3 – An interview with author, Billy Ray Chitwood

July 7 – Music Monday & book release acknowledgments

July 8 – Guest blog for author Dr. Junying Kirk

July 10 – Book  review for A Common Evil by Billy Ray Chitwood

July 11 – Eden’s Exchange with novelist, C.P. Bialois

July 14  – An interview with author, Raymond Bolton

July 15 – In “Conversations LIVE” with podcaster, Cyrus Webb

July 16 – Guest blog for author Jessica Subject

July 21 – Music Monday TBD

July 25 – Eden’s Exchange with poet, John Anstie

July 28 – Guest blog for author Lisette Brodey

July 31 – Release day for The Erotic Bath by Casey Sheridan


6 responses to “July 2014

  1. Glad to be part of this, Eden. The pictures in NY were fab, cool beyond words :).


  2. That chat’s tomorrow (Thurs. 7/3) – Don’t forget to show up! TeeHee It’s on http://thefinalcurtain1.wordpress.com


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