July 2011

Night Time is the Right Time

July – the first full month of summer. As much as I love the heat of sunny days, I’m also a big fan of the nights, so I’ve chosen “night” as the theme for my blog and will feature authors each Friday who have a dark side to them, or at least, my interpretation of their dark sides.

In keeping with the theme, Musical Mondays will have “night” songs.

Along with many other writers, I’ll be guest blogging on Suzannah Burke’s site Soooz Says…Stuff.  Soooz is graciously hosting guest authors all month long.

The topic we’ll write about is:

“The Relevance of Sex in Literature in 2011.”

Check out Soooz’s site throughout the month, and read  how different authors interpret this subject.

Join in the discussion. It’s bound to be controversial!

I’ll also participate in my first blog tour with the The Indie Book Collective’s  “Ménage à Blog.”  It’s going to be a blast!

More exciting news: On July 10th, I’m interviewed by my hometown favorite radio man, Casey Ryan, for his show “The Cutting Room Floor.”  Later in the month, I’ll chat with smooth-talker, Cyrus Webb on “Conversations Live!” Radio.

July 30th is “Erotica in the Cage” – a writing competition sponsored by author and good friend, Al Boudreau. I’m up against the talented erotica author, Amelia James, so expect some slapping and spanking in the cage!

Please check out the highlights, and I’ll provide more details for each event as the time nears.

May your July be filled with bright, beautiful days…and dark, sensuous nights.

As always, I’m delighted you dropped by and hope you come back often.

July Highlights

July 1 – Respected reviewer & author, Maxwell Cynn, reviews Fall into Winter

July 1 – Interview with the dark and mysterious erotica author, Indigo Skye

July 4 – Musical Mondays –Ray Charles

July 8 – Interview with novelist & screenwriter, Ryne Douglas Pearson

July 10 – Podcaster Casey Ryan and I chat on “The Cutting Room Floor”

July 11 – Musical Mondays –Bee Gees

July 11 – Guest blog on Soooz Says…Stuff about sex and literature in 2011

July 12 – Erotica author, Casey Sheridan invites me for a private pajama party

July 14 – My 1st blog on Black Ink, White Paper, an authors’ collective

July 15 – Interview with In Memory of Greed author, Al Boudreau

July 18 – Musical Mondays –Wilson Pickett

July 18-25 – I join The Indie Book Collective’s Tour de Force “Ménage à Blog.”

Three authors a day over a week’s period compete to woo readers with free ebooks, author prizes and a KINDLE!

I’m thrilled to ménage on July 21st with Theresa Ragan, author of Finding Kate Huntley and Jacquie Rogers , author of Much Ado About Marshals.

July 20 – I’m interviewed by Cyrus Webb on Conversations Live! 

July 21 – My ménage is today – come comment to win FREE ebooks and prizes!

July 21 – Monogamy Sucks author, George Pappas reviews Fall into Winter

July 21 – Author L.M. Stull reviews Fall into Winter for Between the Lines

July 21 – Her Captive Muse author Indigo Skye reviews Fall into Winter

July 22 – Interview with artist and homoerotic fiction author, Sessha Batto

July 25 – Musical Mondays –The Rolling Stones

July 27 – I am interviewed on “Reading with Rie” by author, Rie McGaha

July 28 – Author Wren Emerson guest blogs her interpretation of “night”

July 29 – Best-selling author & über-snarky Rachel Thompson is interviewed

July 30 – Amelia James and I take off the gloves for Erotica in the Cage