Feb. 2014

February will be a short but exciting month. I’ve made changes to my website in anticipation of my upcoming mystery novel. You’ll see the effects of it on my social media pages. Hope you like the new banners and headers. 😉


The start of a new author interview series called Eden’s Exchange kicks off Feb. 7th with the incredible, Christoph Fischer. It continues Feb. 21st with award-winning novelist, Michelle Weidenbenner.

In between, the always entertaining, Nicole Chardenet will create waves with her guest blog on the 12th.

Each Music Monday will continue to provide clues to my novel. Mondays are great, so be sure to tune in!

As always, thanks for your continued support, and I wish you a fantastic February.

~ eden

February Highlights

Feb 3 – Music Monday – Mad World

Feb 7 – Eden’s Exchange with Christoph Fischer

Feb 10 – Music Monday – “Something” by the Beatles

Feb 11 – Valentine’s Day sale for Fall into Winter and Hot Flash

Feb 12 – Guest blog by Nicole Chardenet

Feb 13 – More news on Valentine’s sale for Fall into Winter and Hot Flash 

Feb 14 – How to sponsor me in the Dare to Wear Love Challenge

Feb 16 – Music Monday – TBD

Feb 17 – My Writing Process – Blog Tour

Feb 21 – Eden’s Exchange with Michelle Weidenbenner

Feb 24 – Music Monday – You’re So Vain by Carly Simon

Feb 28 – On winning the Versatile Blogger Award

* * * *


2 responses to “Feb. 2014

  1. Thanks for including me in your kick-off interview series, Eden! I’m honored. I like your evocative header too!



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