Feb. 2011

Marvelous Male Month is Here!

I’m declaring February as Marvelous Male Month. Why, you ask? Well, up until now, I’ve had four author interviews—four fantastic females. I thought I’d change it up this month by showing some men a bit of love, figuratively speaking, of course. I’m interviewing not one, not two, but three very hot male authors. All of them are first and foremost—unique and amazing writers, but to boot, each is also extremely sexy in his own way.

What makes them sexy?  Attitude. They all have it, and their writing reflects it—witty, sincere, raw, and so much more.  Sexy attitudes make for great interviews. You won’t want to miss them!

As always, I’m delighted you dropped by and hope you come back often.

February Highlights

Feb. 3 – Guest blog “Are Rabbits Erotic?” on Erotica for All.

Feb. 8 – “Second Tuesdays” blog-hop – topic: Writer’s block.

Feb. 9 – Hot writer Lisa Fox invites me for a guest blog and contest.

Feb. 10 – My book launch at Ben McNally Books:

Blog details

Photo slide show

Video clips

Feb. 11 – Interview with the multi-talented novelist, Robert James Russell.

Feb. 12/13 – Spreading the Love Blog Hop: Free reads & prizes start here.

Feb. 14 – My story is part of the anthology Love Songs Say So Much.

Feb. 18 – Interview with George Pappas, author of Monogamy Sucks.

Feb. 21 – Musical Mondays – “Hurt” by Johnny Cash.

Feb. 22 – Savannah Chase, bestselling erotic romance author, interviews me.

Feb. 25 – Interview with the steamy M/M erotica author, Ethan Stone.

Feb. 28 – Musical Mondays – Song TBD.