Dec. 2014

It’s difficult to believe it’s the last month of the year. Wow … I’m in awe at how time passes so quickly. This is a shortened agenda as I’m playing it by ear. I will be promoting 4 of my novellas by making them each FREE for a few days this month.

Each novella is included in one of my two anthologies—Fall into Winter and Spring into Summer.

Stay tuned for more details.

Sending all readers a peaceful, festive December,

—eden ♥

* * * *

Dec 1 – Promotion and review of HARK, by Justin Bog

Dec 3 – My books free in December

Dec 5 – The Lottery FREE and Stranger at Sunset at 99 cents

Dec 10 – The Norwegian FREE Dec 10-12

Dec 13 – I’m interviewed for Indie House Books

Dec 15 – Music Mondays – Bill Withers and “Lovely Day”

Dec 16 – Unlocking the Mystery FREE Dec 16-18

Dec 17 – Promotion of Lisette Brodey’s new book, Desert Star

Dec 22 – About that C-word – A commentary

Dec 25 – Toronto and its Santas with a video

Dec 29 – Props to the people I interviewed in 2014

Dec 31 – A New Year message




All comments are appreciated.

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