Dec. 2013

It’s hard to believe it’s the last month of 2013. It’s been a difficult year for many, a tumultuous one for me at times, but I’m grateful to be here.

I’ve pared down the schedule for this month, and will finish with two wonderful author interviews.

Also, an update to my upcoming novel next week. The quote by the inimitable Stephen King seemed appropriate.

stephen king quote

Have a wonderful December, and my very best to you and your families for the holidays.

eden ♥

December Highlights

Dec 9 – Update to my novel

Dec 13 – Interview with author, Matt Posner

Dec 16 – Musical Mondays – TBD

Dec 20– Interview with author, Mary Ann Bernal

Dec 23 – Musical Mondays – TBD

Dec 24 – Gratitude – a message for the holidays

Dec 30– Recap of all the great people who’ve been on my 2013 interview series


2 responses to “Dec. 2013

  1. Tim flies when you’re having fun, also when you’re crazy busy. 🙂

    And… if you’re Billy Pilgrim.


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