Dec. 2011

I’m calling December the month of “pressure.” It’s when I take stock of what I’ve done in the previous eleven months and ask myself three important questions:

1) Did I accomplish everything I set out to do?
2) Did I learn something new?
3) Am I happy?


Last year, I wrote a post on Dec. 31st called “Reflect, Learn, and Move On.”  It echoed, I believe, what many people felt. We can’t change what’s happened already, but we can learn from it and move forward.  2011 has been a pressure-filled year in many ways. It was my first complete year of writing without a day job to fall back on. It was enlightening, difficult, and at times exhausting, but overall, it was fulfilling in every way imaginable. I know this because the answer to my third question is a resounding “yes.” And it remains “yes” even though I didn’t achieve everything I wanted. I certainly learned a lot, and that drives much of what makes me happy.

December is a tribute to being “under pressure.” I have no doubt the writers who are part of my line-up have experienced it. There’s a lot do with holidays, family, and trying to fulfill one’s own goals before the year is through. I hope all of you take the time to enjoy it, and whatever you do – don’t crack under the pressure.

As always, I’m delighted you dropped by and hope you come back often.

December Highlights

Dec 1 – I’m interviewed on Celebrating Authors

Dec 2 – Bestselling author, David Lender is interviewed

Dec 3 – I’m interviewed for Conversations Magazine

Dec 5 – Musical Mondays – David Bowie & Gail Ann Dorsey

Dec 6 – I’m interviewed on Sex City Radio by author, Jon Pressick

Dec 6 – Blogging at my author collective, BIWP

Dec 9 – Horror author and poet, Jason Darrick is interviewed

Dec 11– I’m interviewed by author, Lorna Suzuki

Dec 12 – Musical Mondays – Billy Joel

Dec 16 – Interview with erotica author, Vanessa Wu

Dec 16 – Fall into Winter featured on Kindle Spice

Dec 18 – Poem “Sleep Eludes Me”

Dec 19 – Musical Mondays – The Specials

Dec 20 – Guest blogging for “Delicious December” w/ Josée Renard

Dec 20 – Stories from a Holiday Heart releases w/ my story “My Grandfather’s Gift”

Dec 21 – Short story “An Adult Christmas Fairy Tale”

Dec 23 – Erotica author,  Casey Sheridan introduces “Number 69”