Apr. 2014

Yesterday, I sent the manuscript of my first novel to my editor, Annetta Ribken. That means this month will be filled with rounds of edits, along with all the other elements of releasing a book: cover design; a new book website; and promotion. I’m both nervous and excited, but I see it coming together. Thanks, as always, for your continued support.

I have some excellent author interviews as part of my Eden’s Exchange series, taking place Friday the 11th, 18th, and 25th.

As April is National Poetry month, I hope you are able to read and discover a new poet or writer. The poster below says it all. 😉


Have a wonderful month, and let’s hope it warms up!


April Highlights

Apr 1 – Guest blog by Michael Grimes

Apr 5 – Author Promotion for Maria Savva

Apr 6 – Author Promotion for Loren Kleinman

Apr 7 – Music Monday – Damien Rice and Cannonball

Apr 8 – 9th Annual Feminist Porn Awards Slideshow

Apr 9 – Word Count Podcast story: “The Locket”

Apr 11 – Eden’s Exchange with Fiona Quinn

Apr 14 – Music Monday – Eric Clapton

Apr 18 – Eden’s Exchange with Bill Kirton

Apr 21 – Music Monday – Bo Diddley

Apr 25 – Eden’s Exchange with Laurie Smith

Apr 28 – Music Monday – Led Zeppelin


2 responses to “Apr. 2014

  1. Thanks so much eden. Looking forward to sharing it around.


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