Apr. 2013

Are we really one quarter of the way through 2013?  Why yes, we are!

The sun is shining; the flowers are out … and it’s SNOWING! Outrageous! I could go on about the weather, but I won’t.

So, what’s happening in April?

My musical inspiration will be the British band, The Who. They were such bad boys and will grace my blog all month because I’m a huge fan.

While continuing to write my new erotic thriller, I’ll be attending the Feminist Porn Awards April 5th. It’s my third year on the jury, and the event is sponsored by my favorite erotic boutique, Good for Her. More details on this in upcoming blogs.

good for her banner

As for interviews – I’m highlighting three debut authors. They’ve all released books within the past six months, so don’t miss them!

I’m sure more things will come up, but I’m pulling back from social media to write after a busy first quarter.

Best for April,


April Highlights

Apr 1 – Musical Mondays – The Who

Apr 2 – The 8th Annual Feminist Porn Awards

Apr 5 – Interview with paranormal romance author, Shannon Macleod

Apr 6 – Word Count Podcast story “From Every Angle”

Apr 8 – Musical Mondays – The Who

Apr 12 – Interview with debut author and fellow music snob, Lance Burson

Apr 15 – Musical Mondays – The Who

Apr 15 – Feminist Porn Awards – Photo Slideshow

Apr 16 – Get quality from In Classic Style – They added Spring into Summer to their shop!

Apr 18 – Update for Allegories of the Tarot anthology

Apr 19 –  Interview with fantasy romance author, Layna Pimentel

Apr 22 – Musical Mondays – The Who

Apr 28 – Interview w/ Robert Chazz Chute for the Cool People’s Podcast

Apr 29 – Musical Mondays – The Who

Apr 30 – Author promotion for author Diantha Jones


2 responses to “Apr. 2013

  1. John is also a fan of The Who :). Looking forward to their videos on your site 🙂


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