Apr. 2012

In April, I’m bringing sexy back in the music I feature – no, not à la Justin Timberlake, but “old school.”

Sexy is rarely obvious. It’s often a subtle look, a shy smile, a turn of phrase. Last month, I watched my annual dose of  porn, and in a couple of weeks, I’ll attend the Feminist Porn Awards. As porn is rarely subtle, the music will be. I need some balance, you know.

My main focus continues to be Indies Unite for Joshua – a fundraiser to help author, Max Cynn’s son, who has leukemia. As of today, we are at the midpoint of the campaign. Keep it going—we’re getting there! Hit the cute little widget to donate and find out more.

My book, Spring into Summer, is also getting there. I LOVE my new editor and will write a post with an update later this month.

Some excellent authors, as always, will be featured on my “Inside the Author’s Mind” series—don’t miss them.

As always, I’m delighted you dropped by,


April Highlights

Apr 2 – Musical Mondays – Otis Redding

Apr 6 – Interview with songwriter/author, Janis Ian

Apr 9 – Musical Mondays – Blossom Dearie

Apr 13 – Interview with thriller author, Dani Amore

Apr 15 – Poet Jessica Kristie introduces Dreaming in Darkness

Apr 16 – Musical Mondays – Miles Davis

Apr 20 – Interview with thriller author, Derek Blass

Apr 22 – Feminist Porn Awards Slideshow

Apr 23 – Musical Mondays – Nine Inch Nails

Apr 24 – Blogging at my author collective Black Ink, White Paper

Apr 25 – Update to Spring into Summer “Am I Too Anal for Book Two?”

Apr 27 – Interview w/ Rob (Sharky) Pruneda, author of Pursuit of a Dream

Apr 30– Musical Mondays – Aretha Franklin