Music Monday remembers Tom Petty

Last week, amidst another mass shooting in the US, it felt like Tom Petty died twice — once via rumours spread by news agencies too quick on the draw, and then as the victim of a heart attack. Petty was 66.

I’ve previously featured three of his songs on my blog, “I Won’t Back Down,” “Free Fallin’” and “End of the Line” as part of the Traveling Wilburys.

I actually came to know Tom Petty as one of the Traveling Wilburys before I discovered his extensive repertoire as leader of the Heartbreakers. Over the years, Petty’s distinctive twang has played often for me, through the car radio, over a speaker in a store, or on my own stereo system.  That ubiquity did not make him a journeyman though. In the vein of his idols Bob Dylan and George Harrison, Petty was an accomplished singer and songwriter. His songs’ opening riffs were instantly recognizable and his lyrics, whether simple or complex, were always relatable.

I will remember Petty as a man with artistic integrity who fought the record industry to keep his records and concerts affordable.

“Something Good Coming” is a testament to his enduring legacy as a hardworking, optimistic songwriter and a champion of the music industry.

“… And I’m in for the long run
Wherever it goes
Ridin’ the river
Wherever it goes

And I’m an honest man
Work’s all I know
You take that away
Don’t know where to go

And I know that look that’s on your face
There’s somethin’ lucky about this place
There’s somethin’ good comin’
For you and me
Somethin’ good comin’
There has to be”

~ eden



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12 responses to “Music Monday remembers Tom Petty

  1. Nice of you to give Tom a tribute, Eden. He deserves one, I think.

    “I Won’t Back Down” is definitely my fave of his work, though I do try not to be inflexible. 🙂

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  2. A beautiful tribute, Eden – what gift he was to the world.
    Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving – thankful for your friendship xoxo L

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  3. The world’s less bright without him.

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  4. Another one… sigh. I remember reading an interview where he preferred to just write and sing to making money.

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  5. Somethin’ good comin’
    it has to be … I’m ever optimistic that it will. A lovely song, Eden.

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  6. shespeaksadifferentlanguage

    Lovely post. I was a latecomer to Tom Petty when I saw him play at a festival in the US. Incredible songwriter.

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