Music Monday returns to summer with @Lorde

The leaves are changing colour. Some have even fallen off the trees. It is autumn, after all, only you wouldn’t have known it this past week.

We had record-high temperatures in Toronto, making up for the cool and rainy weather we’ve had most of the summer.

I loved it! And judging from all the people I saw outdoors in shorts, on restaurant patios, and walking in the streets, I’d say the rest of the city loved the return to summer too.

As a tribute to the hot weather, here’s one of the big hits of the summer.

Enjoy award-winning Lorde with her energetic song, “Green Light,” and let’s hope the heat continues.

Have a great week!





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9 responses to “Music Monday returns to summer with @Lorde

  1. It’s the best time of year.

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  2. WOW! What a great performance! LORDE! LORDE! lORDE! Thanks for sharing, sweet lady! xo

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  3. This one from her I haven’t heard before.

    We’ve had the same heat here for two weeks plus now. Yesterday seemed to be the hottest of the whole spell.


  4. I miss the heat already although it was a bit too much.


  5. I know how much you appreciate comments, so I’m commenting…Um, forgot what I was going to say! Can it qualify as a comment, please??? xox

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