Music Monday features @Miss_GraceJones

The 42nd annual Toronto International Film Festival concluded yesterday after ten busy days. Not only was it a passel of big names from the world of film, but a number of musicians also premiered their documentaries at the festival. Among them were Lady Gaga, Eric Clapton, Grace Jones and the Tragically Hip.

When I drew a blank on this week’s music choice, I thought to highlight the only person I’ve yet to have on my blog from the TIFF list—Grace Jones. Her movie, Bloodlight and Bami looks at her unconventional life as a model, singer, and New Wave icon.

Here’s one of Jones’ biggest hits, “Slave to the Rhythm.” Check out her incredible live performance while twirling a hula hoop!

Wishing you a great week as we head into the final days of summer,

~ eden



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6 responses to “Music Monday features @Miss_GraceJones

  1. For whatever reason, I didn’t know she sang too.

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  2. suenador

    I am always inspired by accomplished older women who celebrate their sexuality, rather than retreat into obscurity. Will look out for the movie’s release!

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  3. I didn’t realize she was still performing. I also can’t imagine how she could sing while twirling a hula hoop. She just reminded me to do more exercises!

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