@LiisbethHQ interviews Eden Baylee

Relationship Strategist Sue Nador, founder of The Relationship Deal interviewed me and put together an excellent piece for LiisBeth.

Thank you so much Sue!

I’m extremely honoured to be included in LiisBeth, an online magazine for entrepreneurial feminists intent on advancing gender equality globally.

Hit the graphic below to read the interview and be sure to connect to LiisBeth on all their social media platforms.

Website | Twitter @LiisbethHQ | Facebook

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11 responses to “@LiisbethHQ interviews Eden Baylee

  1. Excellent interview there, EB. You get 500 emails a day? Oye, I don’t envy you in that regard

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  2. Fascinating interview.


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  3. Great interview – I had no idea you were a project manager / lead. It can be a very stressful job. RBC is still cutting back on people (as are many other companies). I admire your discipline as a writer. My mind seems to go all over the place every day.

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  4. Thanks for sharing the link, Eden! Very informative!

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  5. Such an inspiring interview, Eden. My health has taken a turn for the worse so I’m trying to figure things out career-wise myself so your journey is such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing!

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