Music Monday asks “Who’ll Stop the Rain?”

The ivy is abundant, flowers are in full bloom, and mosquitos are a-biting. It’s been a wet summer so far, but this past weekend saw its first without rain. Whee!

So nice to see the rain has stopped … for now.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer so far.




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12 responses to “Music Monday asks “Who’ll Stop the Rain?”

  1. You must have sent it my way.

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  2. We’ve been fairly dry here, like we’re in a no-rain zone.

    Always good (for me) to hear CCR, though.

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  3. That’s quite a throwback to the past!

    A week ago today, we were getting seriously rained on. Nearly 100mm in 24 hours.

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  4. It’s amazing that some songs are so timeless.

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  5. suenador

    Did you hear the thunder this aft? I was SO SO hoping that we would get a huge storm. Thunder storms are one of my very favourite things. But definitely want someone/anyone to stop the rain forecast for this coming long weekend. We deserve sunshine! Have a great week, Eden! xo

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  6. Love this song! I listen to Credence Clearwater radio on a semi-regular basis. Good stuff!

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