Music Monday says “Hey Joe”

“Hey Joe” is a song that has been recorded by numerous artists, most notably The Jimi Hendrix Experience in 1966.

This weekend, I binge-watched a psychosexual series called Gypsy on Netflix. Charlotte Gainsbourg’s recording of “Hey Joe” appears during an edgy scene between two women.

Haunting and moody, it was the perfect song for the scene.

If you’re interested in watching a good psychological suspense, I’d recommend Gypsy. It’s a slow burning series and I appreciated the good writing.

Hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful week.

~ eden



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10 responses to “Music Monday says “Hey Joe”

  1. Hey Joe
    I bet you think this song is about you, ’bout you, ;bout you…

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  2. I just started watching this series. Love Naomi Watts so am intrigued whenever she is in something.
    Wishing you a lovely week!

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  3. suenador

    I really need to do a better job keeping up with current culture! I hadn’t heard of Gypsy but if this ‘haunting and moody’ song is indicative of the vibe of the show, then I need to check it out! Thanks for the reco & the tune! Wishing you a lovely week too! xo

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    • I think you would like this show. It’s mind games, which I really enjoy. I’m not into violent shows anymore, and this one makes you think from a woman’s perspective. She is deeply flawed– provides a good analysis of character. Have a great week too Sue. xo


  4. This is a very interesting rendition of Hey Joe. I’ve only heard of the one from Hendrix. I don’t have Netflix cuz I know I’ll be glued to it binge watching my favorite shows. It’s the same reason why I don’t have chips, cookies, ice cream and snacks at home.

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    • Hi Matt, you are so disciplined! I’ve only ever binge-watched 2 shows — this one and Broadchurch. You’re right about chips … it’s impossible to eat just one! Have a super week, xo


  5. I haven’t heard of the series.

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