Music Monday says “Get Lucky”

I heard this song last week and can’t get it out of my mind. It’s not a new song, nor the first time I heard it, but this time it finally stuck.

The video is a shiny piece of space-age funk mixed with anime and Pharrell.

How can you go wrong?

Have a great week and hope luck is on your side. 😀

~ eden



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9 responses to “Music Monday says “Get Lucky”

  1. suenador

    Well, thanks A LOT Eden. I was so on track to having THE MOST productive day…but now I can’t get this song out of my head either! But what a “sunny” song for a rainy day! Maybe I’ll dance first, work later….! xo

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  2. I could use a bit of luck this week.

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  3. Have a wonderful week, Auden!

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  4. A little late to reply, but it’s amazing at the time of this post. On Monday, it was my wife’s and my 19th anniversary. We went to our favorite resort for a romantic getaway and the entertainment that night was a band that played this song! Any more information fall under TMI but let’s just say this is one song that has some memories for us. Thanks for posting this…

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    • Lance! Great to see you and Happy Anniversary to you and your wife. As a writer, I can imagine what went on even without any elaboration. 😉 I’m glad this song connected with you. What are the chances?

      Hope you’re well and happy and thanks for the comment. xox


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