Music Monday features Sugar, Sugar and @ThatSugarFilm

I watched an excellent film on Netflix called That Sugar Film, written and directed by Australian filmmaker, Damon Gameau.

The documentary follows Gameau in an experiment to highlight hidden sugars in normal, everyday foods.  For 60 days, he eats a health-conscious diet low in fat but high in sugar, consuming 40 teaspoons of sugar daily in foods such as pasta sauce, juice, and cereal. How his body transforms over this period is alarming.

Watch the film if you get a chance. It has a humorous slant but provides a strong message about the foods we eat and the dangers of sugar.

This sweet childhood tune always brought a smile to my face. Hope you enjoy and have a great week. 😀

~ eden



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6 responses to “Music Monday features Sugar, Sugar and @ThatSugarFilm

  1. It’s been in my head since I read this. Payback’s a comin’

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  2. suenador

    I LOVE this song. Co-writer Andy Kim is on Q (CBC) today – have put link here. Will definitely watch the doc!

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    • Ah, nice about Andy Kim, thanks for sharing Sue! Hope you like THAT SUGAR FILM. I may never want to eat sugar again, but i know that’s not going to happen. Good thing i’m not a huge ‘sweet’ fan anyway. xox


  3. This is the first I’d heard of it.

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