Music Monday features #Canadian with The Band (2)

Recently, I posted a picture of myself wearing vinyl albums to highlight my Canadian style for the Dare to Wear Love Challenge. You can hit the link and see the picture. The challenge is now over, and I exceeded my target!

Thank you to all who donated, shared, and liked my pictures. To learn more about the cause, visit Dare to Wear Love.

My intention was to feature the artists from those albums, and I started with Robbie Robertson from The Band.

I so enjoyed listening to their songs over the past week that I’m going to continue showcasing them.

In this video, The Band performs “It Makes No Difference.” On vocals is the late, great Rick Danko.

It’s a beautiful, melancholic song, and I hope you enjoy it,




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6 responses to “Music Monday features #Canadian with The Band (2)

  1. I’m not familiar with this song – thanks for introducing it. After the song finished, there were other songs suggested and I clicked on Forever Young also from the Last Waltz sung by Bob Dylan. I’m gonna have to figure out a way to get some work done.

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  2. I wasn’t familiar with it either.

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  3. What a great song. I’m sorry I missed the Dare to Wear Challenge – I love the photos – you are so great! So pleased you exceeded your target!!

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