Music Monday says It’s The Same Old Song

When I’m stuck for music, Motown never lets me down. I heard a lot of it this week at various locations, and it always puts me in a good mood.

Here’s a great tune from The Four Tops with some funky dance moves too!

Enjoy this high energy song to kick off your week,




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7 responses to “Music Monday says It’s The Same Old Song

  1. Gosh. A lot of memories in that song, all good.

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  2. suenador

    Wow – this makes me think of my parents and their dance parties in our basement in the 60s! Although I can’t for sure be certain they played it, it reminds me of that time! Funny how old songs can trigger old memories!


  3. I’m so behind in my blogs. Your appreciation for so many types of music is great. It’s always interesting to see what music you’ll be featuring on Mondays.


  4. I grew up listening to Motown. I just listened to my favourite Stevie Wonder tune, ‘Was Made to Love Her.’


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