@BestSellingRead interviews Eden Baylee

BestSelling Reads is an association of talented authors who value teamwork and possess a proven track record of producing quality fiction and non-fiction. I am happy to be part of this prestigious group.

They have interviewed me as part of a series to get to know all the authors better.

The questions are unique and personal, so I hope you will enjoy reading my responses.

You can access the interview by hitting the graphic below.

Connect to BestSelling Reads – a great site and resource for writers and readers! 

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5 responses to “@BestSellingRead interviews Eden Baylee

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  2. suenador

    What a nice interview, Eden! I’m always so interested in how writers approach their work. The discipline of plowing through difficult patches is not something many do well – and I like the reminder that even difficult people in real life can be the basis of fascinating story characters. Although writing is a solo endeavour, it’s great that you are in a special group of talented peers! We all need community!

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  3. I had no idea you do most of your writing while standing.

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