Music Monday remembers Chuck Berry

We lost legendary musician, Chuck Berry this past weekend at the age of 90. Berry was apparently working on a new album when he died.

With so many memorable songs, it wasn’t an easy task to choose just one, but who doesn’t know “Johnny B. Goode?” It’s the semi-autobiographical tale of a guitar player down on his luck who ends up with his name in lights.

It’s also powered by the most memorable guitar intro in rock history.

Thank you for the music, Chuck Berry, undisputed father of rock and roll.

May you rest in peace.





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9 responses to “Music Monday remembers Chuck Berry

  1. Great talent. A lot of us grew up on his music.

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  2. I didn’t grow up with his music Tim, but I’ve certainly heard how he influenced much of the music that I do listen to.

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  3. A life long lived, and quite a legacy!

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  4. I wonder what keeps these great musicians working on their craft for so long?

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  5. A lot of people do not know it but Chuck Berry wrote a lot of great guitar riffs that other players used (stole) from him.


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