Music Monday heats up with @EdSheeran

Of all the new artists who’ve emerged of late, Ed Sheeran is my favourite.

“Shape of You” is accompanied by a video that features an interracial pairing. The narrative follows Sheeran as a boxer who strikes up a romance with a female boxer. When she apparently leaves him, he trains to fight a most unusual opponent.

It’s a fun video, a catchy tune, and I hope it infuses your week with great energy.





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9 responses to “Music Monday heats up with @EdSheeran

  1. I can’t believe almost all his album songs are the UK charts. He deserves it :).

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  2. Nice song for this grey, snowy Monday!

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  3. The only bit of music of his I’ve got is the one he did for one of the Hobbit soundtracks.

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  4. Stamatia Kafoutis

    Best yet. Am watching this one daily, it makes my day

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