Music Monday heats up with Joni Mitchell

Most weeks, I’m able to come up with my Music Monday choice by Sunday, but last night I drew a blank … until this morning.

This is a song I’ve posted before, though the video is one I just found.

Beautiful lyrics, poetry, and the haunting voice of Joni Mitchell deserves a replay.

Enjoy it again, and have a wonderful week,




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15 responses to “Music Monday heats up with Joni Mitchell

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  2. Damn. Such a talented lady.

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  3. Great song from a great album. The album Blue is timeless.

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  4. There’s a mural on a restaurant here with her and other folk singers. I keep meaning to get shots of it in for the photoblog.

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  5. suenador

    This song is perfect for a grey day like today. I’m fighting the urge to go back to bed, curl up with a good book and listen to mellow tunes all day. I bought two books yesterday – one “fun” (Big Little Lies) and one “serious” (Steal Away Home). Going to hide them now so I can focus on being productive….wish me luck! xo

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  6. I’m not that familiar with her work even though she’s been around for ages. Thanks for bringing all these good music to us.

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  7. Dennis

    E, Just had “Old Friends” come into my mind and thought of you. Simon and Garfunkel! A case of you I could drink forever! All my best,

    Dennis Michaels


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  8. So, so beautiful. I still enjoy singing her ‘Both Sides Now’.

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