Music Monday heats up with Sam Cooke

Continuing on my theme of songs that keep me warm, here’s one that also leads us into an historic week.

By this Friday, the USA will have a new president.

The president elect has been heating up Twitter and the news for months now.

The lyrics of this song by Sam Cooke allude to all the things the singer knows little about, and yet, thankfully, he does know about love.

My wish for the new president is he realizes what he does not know and takes the time to learn it.

We don’t have a perfect world because it’s made up of imperfect people. What we do have, however, is a wondrous place, and we must live in it together.

Please spread love and compassion for your fellow human beings, and let’s try our best to make this a wonderful world,




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10 responses to “Music Monday heats up with Sam Cooke

  1. One of my all time favourite songs.
    And I think the new president could sing along to at least a few of those lines… 😉

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  2. I love Sam Cooke. Take a listen to Baby Won’t You Please Come Home. I’ve heard a movie about his life and tragic death is being made. What a voice.

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  3. You always post interesting songs on Mondays.

    I have no idea what the next 4 years will bring to the US. But I have friends and relatives who are very concerned. But I also have relatives who probably voted for Trump.

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  4. Hi Matt, thanks for your comment. I’m with you on both fronts. I have relatives there too, and I suspect some may have cast votes his way. 😦 xox


  5. Oh, so that’s the title of this song!

    Unfortunately I doubt the president elect is capable of grasping how much he doesn’t know. And the country will pay dearly for it.

    A blog a few days back on distant relations made me look up some distant cousins in the United States- anyone with that surname on this continent are all descended from the same set of great-great grandparents- and at least one of them voted for him, given that he’s a political operative in the Republican party based out in the West.

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    • William, how interesting that you learned about your distant relative. It will be interesting to see what happens. I try to be optimistic but have to say, it’s not looking good so far, and the man has not even taken office yet!


  6. Listening to this as I make breakfast. We need this song this week. Thanks, Eden.

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