Music Monday cools down with Summer Soft

Wow, I’ve definitely felt a chill in the air this past week.

It seems autumn and a cool breeze settled into the air the day after summer ended.

Many thanks to my wonderful designer JB Graphics who alerted me to this oldie by Stevie Wonder.

The lyrics speak to the exit of summer like a woman leaves her lover.


“Summer soft…
Wakes you up with a kiss to start the morning off
In the midst of herself playing Santa Claus
She brings gifts through her breeze

Morning rain…
Gently plays her rythms on your window pane
Giving you no clue of when she plans to change
To bring rain or sunshine

And so you wait to see what she’ll do
Is it sun or rain for you
But it breaks your heart in two
When you find it’s October

And she’s gone
And she’s gone
Summer’s gone
Taking with her summer’s play …”


Despite the end of summer, I have much to look forward to. I’m taking time off and will blog about an upcoming trip to Asia in October.

Stay tuned and have a wonderful week,





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4 responses to “Music Monday cools down with Summer Soft

  1. suenador

    My body is definitely in shock. I was in Montreal this weekend, and went to the mountain to run in shorts…and wished I was wearing long johns. Yup, “summer’s gone…” and time to embrace fall!

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  2. No embracing from this girl, Sue! Not until I have several layers of sweaters on me!


  3. I can’t recall hearing that one before.

    It’s quite cool in the morning and the evening now.

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  4. Hi William, freezing! I think I need more fat on me 😉


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