The Convicts of @FictionConvictn interview Eden Baylee

Fiction Conviction is made up of several women, Lily, Sabrina, Ally, and Fenella, bonded by their love of books.  They interviewed me in a recent post.

I’m happy to support their site and you should too!

They asked interesting, quick questions, and I had fun answering all 20 of them.

You can read the interview of me by hitting the graphic below.

fiction conviction

Connect to Fiction Conviction – a great resource for writers! 

Website | Twitter @FictionConvictn | Facebook

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6 responses to “The Convicts of @FictionConvictn interview Eden Baylee

  1. As I just Tweeted about you after reading this interview, you’re so cool even your favorite fruit is unique! Good questions and great answers, Eden. And now I can picture you moving between the kitchen and diningroom as you write… 😉

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  2. Always learning something new about you, Eden. Speaking all languages is a dream I often have. It would be wondeful

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