Author @BRChitwood releases CLOUD DANCER #timetravel

Author Billy Ray Chitwood has done it again.

As a writer of multiple genres, including mystery, suspense, and romance, Billy Ray is reaching for something new and exciting with his latest, Cloud Dancer. In a recent blog, he confided it is his wife’s belief that he has Cherokee in his blood.

For this reason, Billy Ray ventured into the writing of Cloud Dancera love story set in modern times and in 1838. It also explores the pain and suffering of the Cherokee along the historic ‘Trail of Tears.”

It’s currently available, so be sure to get your copy!

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cloud dancer

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A freeway accident in his modern world changes the life of Blake Fielding as he is transported back in time to the infamous ‘Trail of Tears”. Back in today’s world, he finds murder, mystery, and the woman of his dreams. This is a book that takes the reader to the pinnacle of love, crosses genres, and reveals the soul-rending fate of a people who suffered the inequities of history.

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8 responses to “Author @BRChitwood releases CLOUD DANCER #timetravel

  1. Fantastic news. Looking forward to this!

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  2. Thanks so much, Eden, for your always good supportl You’re the best! so

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  3. Thanks, Christoph, I appreciate your kind words. Still reading your books, trying for your excellence. Hope all is well with you and yours. xo (informing Eden, in my comment to her, the ‘so’ was supposed to be an XO. 🙂

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