Music Monday moves with Homeward Bound

Have you ever felt lost?

Like you were in the wrong place at the wrong time?

At different points in my life, and to varying degrees, these feelings have nagged at me.

This song always comes to mind during these uncomfortable times, probably because it’s the first tune I learned to play on guitar, and the lyrics are forever imprinted in my brain.

“Homeward Bound” makes me realize there is no place like home, so long as you are happy to be there.

Hope you are in your happy place, and have a splendid week.





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5 responses to “Music Monday moves with Homeward Bound

  1. So facing the similar feels lately. hope you are on a better path filled with risk and adventurous calm.


  2. I guess I haven’t felt that way.


  3. suenador

    Eden, why am I not surprised that in addition to all your many talents, you also play guitar! Definitely know the “wrong place, wrong time” feeling…but perhaps those are the wake-up moments that bring us closer to “home”…if we listen to those feelings, and act on them! xo


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