Music Monday moves with The Tragically Hip ~ New Orleans is Sinking (@thehipdotcom)

Last week, I tried buying tickets for The Hip’s final concert tour.

No luck.

I wasn’t able to get them on Day 1 of the presale, nor Day 2 when they added three more shows. There were no tickets available when I tried with my AMEX “Front of the Line” code on Day 3, and unfortunately, I missed the start time when the tickets went on sale to the general public. There were none left by the time I logged in an hour late.

If you’re a fan who just wanted to pay a fair price to attend a concert, chances are you got shut out.

There’s been a lot of venom aimed at Ticketmaster, the company that sells tickets for the majority of venues hosting concerts. Within minutes after Hip tickets went on sale on the first presale day, they were appearing on sites like StubHub at double, triple, sometimes four times the price!

It’s a shame the pleasure of listening to live music is now reduced to a money-making scheme for some. There were always ticket scalpers, but even they cannot compete with the bots who scoop up all the tickets.

On a positive note, there is talk the CBC may televise The Hip’s final concert in Kingston.

Let’s wait and see. In the meantime, enjoy “New Orleans is Sinking” and have a great week.




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6 responses to “Music Monday moves with The Tragically Hip ~ New Orleans is Sinking (@thehipdotcom)

  1. I hope the CBC do televise one of them. Whoever’s behind that- whether it’s a failure on Ticketmaster or the scalper-bots that swipe them up, there’s a special corner in hell that they more than deserve.

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  2. suenador

    I wonder when this video was from – 1980’s? The Hip have been so embedded in our cultural consciousness that it’s impossible to imagine that this will be their final tour. I really hope the last concert is televised. People hold Oscar parties to watch together. I think this occasion will require being in the company of friends too!

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  3. I rarely go to concerts because I can never find good seats at a reasonable price. It’s just not a level playing field for consumers like me against scalpers who use bots.


    • So true, and I really don’t like listening to music in large stadiums that were not meant for music. I prefer the small bars/venues. If you’re a ‘big’ band, then those places are limited. It’s a dilemma really in this situation. I think The Hip would love to play for a smaller audience of their loyal fans, but given Gord Downie’s health, it may not be possible to carry off numerous shows.


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