Music Monday moves with Kings of Leon

I love when a teacher can pair contemporary music to a yoga class.

This remix of “Closer” from Kings of Leon is a great example of an atmospheric song that works well with intense Hot Flow movements.

There is some peculiar instrumentation that sounds like buzzards or the vuvuzela. I’m not sure what it is, but I like it.

Hope you do too, and have a great week,



8 thoughts on “Music Monday moves with Kings of Leon

  1. What an interesting sound. I just listened twice – right after I googled “vuvuzela”! I like the thought of music with yoga – and can appreciate how it would add to the flow! Happy Victoria Day…it’s spectacular out there…heading for a walk in the ravine with “Closer” in my head! xo

  2. It goes to show I spend no time in yoga classes! There’s actually a weekly yoga session on Parliament Hill. Lots of people come out for it.

    1. Hi Junior, thanks for commenting and directing me to your song. I’m always open to new music. It’s one of the pleasures of life 😉

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