Eden’s Exchange talks to author @DuncanWhitehead

I’ve seen Duncan around the interwebs for a long time, and we are part of several writing groups. He’s a hard worker with an “off the wall” sense of humour. You have to love a  man who’s a quick wit and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

He will have you in stitches.

Enjoy Duncan’s answers. I sure did. 🙂

* * * *

Welcome to Eden’s Exchange, Duncan. Are you a full time writer or do you have a day job?

Yes, I have a day job. I own a yacht management company – luckily I can work remotely and though I’m on 24 hour call – I really only go into the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

reluctant jesusWhat a sweet deal! What part of the world do you live in? 

I live in Fort Lauderdale which is in South Florida. Very close, if not now merged into Miami. I enjoy it because it is lively, vibrant and exciting, The only thing I don’t like is the heat in summer!

Seriously? Summer and heat go together! What is one thing you want to do before you die?

Die? I won’t die. Will I?

Umm … there’s an old saying about death and taxes … What are some of your favorite curse words?

Are you sure? I’m from the North of England…..

Okay, please send me a list privately. 😉 Do you have a motto you live by?

If at first you don’t succeed – hire a ghost writer.

Good one, you’re joking, right? Okay, never mind! What makes you laugh, and I mean, REALLY laugh?

The noise cats make while making love. Its hilarious.

I can’t say I’ve had the pleasure! Let’s talk about your books, Duncan. I want to highlight The Gordonston Ladies trilogy. 

duncan book 1

Book blurb: The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club (Book 1)

Little is what it seems to be in a leafy Savannah neighborhood as members of an afternoon cocktail and dog walking club mourn a neighbor’s death. Jealousies surface when friends vie for the widower running for mayor. An old woman with an infamous uncle plots to avenge a wrong. Memories haunt a once successful children’s writer. And a model has won the trip of a lifetime.

But a killer lurks and secrets unfold, as does a web of deceit. Is anyone really who he or she seems to be? A mysterious South American, a young Italian count, and a charitable nephew add suspicion and intrigue, as do an enigmatic organization linked to organized crime, a handsome firefighter, and three widows with hidden agendas. What’s a retired accountant’s secret, and why did a former showgirl really have plastic surgery?

The plot thickens, the Georgia temperature rises, and someone is destined for an early unmarked grave. The truth contorts to a climax that leaves readers breathless.

And here are books two and three of the series. 

duncan book 2 duncan book 3










BUY LINKS on Amazon

*  *  *

Duncan, what is the name and genre of your latest book?

Mystery – Murder at the Fourth.

murder at the fourth

How long did it take for you to write it, and what was the inspiration behind it?

8 months. I wanted to do something no one had done before – two parallel stories involving the major character that merge together at the conclusion.

Are you marketing your book now?

Actually, I’m not – when Part 2 is ready I will begin marketing. I send the odd tweet – that’s it.

I’m doing less of it myself. Writing takes up enough time. Tell us about the road to publication for your book.

Structure, Draft, Proofread and Editor, 2nd Draft send to assistant for comments, 3rd Draft, then to editor, back to me 4th Draft, back to editor.

To the point. How did you celebrate when you finished your book?

I never do.

What has the reception been to Murder at the Fourth?

Good reviews but limited sales.

Hopefully it will pick up when you release book two. What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from writing your books?


Agree! What makes your book stand out from the crowd?

It is different than anything else out there.

Why should people read your books?

So I can go on vacation this year!

That’s honest! What is the best way for someone to support your book, aside from buying it?

Tell people about it.

What is next for you after this book?

The sequel!

I’ll let you get to it then! Let’s finish with a fun lightning round.

Aside from people/pets, what is the ONE item you would save if your house was on fire? The insurance policy.

Name a food you can eat everyday. Cornflakes.

Coffee or tea or something else? Tea.

Cat/dog/other pet? Cat.

Your most guilty pleasure. Not saying.

Favorite season. English football season!

Name something you cannot go a day without. Again, not answering that one!

Thank you Duncan for sharing with my readers! Your succinct answers definitely cut to the chase!

Readers, please find Duncan at all his virtual homes below. Friend him on Facebook to read his funny quips. They will make your day!

* * * *

Connect to Duncan

duncan whitehead

Website | Twitter @DuncanWhitehead | Amazon Author Page

Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn

Award Winning Writer, Duncan Whitehead, was born in England and is the author of the best-selling and award-winning GORDONSTON LADIES DOG WALKING CLUB Trilogy. The series, inspired by the quirky characters and eeriness in the real life Savannah neighborhood in which he once lived is a humorous mystery, which boasts an assortment of characters and plot twists.

He has also written over 2,000 spoof and comedy news articles, under various aliases, for a variety of websites both in the US and the UK.

He has written further novels; a comedy set in Manhattan, THE RELUCTANT JESUS, published in April 2014 and republished in July 2015 & three short stories.

Duncan is well known for his charity work, kindness to animals, children and old people; and, of course, his short-lived bullfighting career and his hideous hunchback.

In February 2045, he invented time travel and now spends much of his time in either the future (where he has won the lottery an astonishing 117 times) and the present day.




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  1. Excellent interview. Thanks for the laughs. I’ve read “Murder at the Fourth” and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the sequel!

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  2. Very funny! Particularly your answer about what makes you laugh.

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