Music Monday and The Next Day ~ #RIP #DavidBowie

Today the world lost an original. Amongst other things, David Bowie was a musical pioneer, style icon, and performer.

He has inspired many of my blogs, including a story I wrote two years ago called “The Final Countown.” It’s a grim and comical tale about a dying man who leaves the world on his own terms. I think Bowie would’ve liked it.

I had started writing a different music post for today but was too tired to add it late last night.

How fitting that David Bowie should fill this space with “The Next Day.”

Experience the power of the late, great David Bowie.

~ eden



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10 responses to “Music Monday and The Next Day ~ #RIP #DavidBowie

  1. raymondboltonauthor

    So sad. He gave us so much. Thanks for the notification, Eden.

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  2. Amazing talent. It’s nice he went out surrounded by family.

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  3. I was stunned when I saw the news this morning after getting online. I think I’ll have to watch him in The Prestige this evening.

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  4. My mum texted me early yesterday morning with the news of his passing. David Bowie was one of my favorites. I’ve loved him since I was in high school. I think it was the song Modern Love that caught me because it has such a fun tempo, but there are so many of his songs I like. I’m glad I got to see him in concert a couple of times.

    The main reason, not the only reason, I love the movie Labyrinth (yes, I own the DVD) is because of Bowie. He was great as Jerath and, of course, the music is awesome.

    He was talented in many different areas.

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    • Ah yes, “Modern Love” — I loved that song too. I came to love David Bowie during that time and then went back to discover his earlier music. Such a diverse artist. You’re so fortunate to have seen him in concert.

      Now I must watch Labyrinth, which I never saw.


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  5. I’m probably one of the few non-Bowie fans. However, I do respect his body of work and think he was a great musician. He also paved the way for alternative rock which is a style I really enjoy.

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    • Thank you for commenting Christopher. I came to Bowie’s music in the eighties after he had already been on the scene for some time. After discovering him via the video age, I went back and listened to what I had missed. You’re right that he paved the way for many artists along the way. He elevated music to a different art form, really, with his personas and style. I’ll be featuring his music over the next while, so I hope you come back to visit.

      Thanks again for dropping by,

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