Music Monday is Unforgettable

On New Year’s Day, I flew into Newark and was relieved to see an empty Customs area. I quickly navigated the rows of line dividers, absent-mindedly glancing a television set posted along one of the posts.

My heart sank.

I stopped to listen to the news of Natalie Cole’s passing.

I’m in New York City for my grandmother’s funeral. It concludes this evening after a long service which started yesterday.

My first blog of 2016 unites two unforgettable women.

~ eden

12 thoughts on “Music Monday is Unforgettable

  1. So sorry to hear of your loss…And Thank you for posting such a great song by two of the best voices in music.

    1. Thank you Lance, and agree about the song and voices. Grateful to know the music continues long after the person is gone. xo Have a great 2016.


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