Music Monday is Unforgettable

On New Year’s Day, I flew into Newark and was relieved to see an empty Customs area. I quickly navigated the rows of line dividers, absent-mindedly glancing a television set posted along one of the posts.

My heart sank.

I stopped to listen to the news of Natalie Cole’s passing.

I’m in New York City for my grandmother’s funeral. It concludes this evening after a long service which started yesterday.

My first blog of 2016 unites two unforgettable women.

~ eden



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12 responses to “Music Monday is Unforgettable

  1. I’m thinking of you, dear.

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  2. Cherish the memories. Thank you for posting “unforgettable” – such a beautiful song.

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  3. I have you in my thoughts and prayers.

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  4. Under the circumstances, entirely appropriate.

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  5. So sorry to hear of your loss…And Thank you for posting such a great song by two of the best voices in music.

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