Music Monday and You Really Got Me #GuitarSolo

“You Really Got Me” is my favorite song from The Kinks, and it contains a terrific guitar solo at 1:12.

This is also my final post for the guitar solo series.  I’ve had a lot of fun researching the songs, and I know there are many artists I have not covered. Perhaps I will pick up the series in another form next year.

If you’d like to hear all the songs that were covered in this series, hit the “guitar solo” tag at the end of the post, and you’ll pull them up.

As we enter the holiday week, I’d like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas. May you enjoy the best of times with the special people in your life,

~ eden



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3 responses to “Music Monday and You Really Got Me #GuitarSolo

  1. Wow! That song pretty much sums up my life at that time. 😊

    Davies’ guitar work inspired a lot of us musician wannabes. Kind of smacked you up side the head. 😎

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  2. I’d love to hear you play one day, Tim!

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  3. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard that one, Eden.


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