Music Monday and Sleep Walk with #LesPaul #GuitarSolo

I lost a friend this past weekend, but before she slipped into a coma, we had an incredible phone conversation for nearly three hours. She called on a late evening, said she wanted to take advantage of pain-free time to chat. I was more than happy to talk to her on her schedule. When we hung up, it was close to 1 AM. I was energized from our conversation and could not sleep for hours.

Amongst other things, we spoke about her recent trip to New York. Her wish was to experience the city one more time while still able to travel. Along with her husband and son, she saw several plays, museums, and ate some fabulous meals. One thing she didn’t have time to do was see live music. She liked jazz.

“Sleep Walk” is a classic tune played here by American jazz, country, and blues guitarist, Les Paul, a pioneer of the solid-body electric guitar. This performance took place at the Iridium Jazz Club in New York City on his 90th birthday. He’s gone now, but he made beautiful music and left the world a better place for it.

This song is for you, Karen. Sweet dreams, dear friend. It was a privilege and a pleasure to know you.

~ eden



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12 responses to “Music Monday and Sleep Walk with #LesPaul #GuitarSolo

  1. One of the greats. His style was so simple and clear.

    My condolences for your loss, Eden. It’s nice you were able to have that last talk.

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  2. raymondboltonauthor

    Beautiful selection.

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  3. Anonymous

    Beautiful Eden. Thanks for sharing. I am touched……

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  4. Such a wonderful piece of music played by a very talented man.

    So sorry to hear of the loss of your dear friend. My heart goes out to you. xoxo

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  5. Beautiful tribute to your friend, Eden. Hugs!

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